The Upbeats - De-Evolution Part III Vision Recordings

As the last 6 pieces to complete the puzzle that is the De-Evolution series materialize - a whole emerges from the dark depths. The form that has slowly been de-evolving is now ready to be birthed from the chaotic primordial ooze in its entirety. Beware higher life forms. Look out so called 'advanced creatures'. Rejoice amoeba, prions and plankton apes. De-Evolution is back to hit you with a cudgel and soothe you with crude howls.

This series of De Evolutions from The Upbeats is nothing short of masterpiece. You really want to collect the entire catalog so you can totally immerse yourself in the journey. When concept albums like The Wall by Pink Floyd was released, you didn't have the option to download a couple of tracks and leave the rest behind. That's an insult to the artist, not to mention you just left yourself out of taking the writers journey. So, I am posting something from all of the chapters. This way, if you never have the good fortune to hear the releases before, now you do. Jason Bakes DNB◉UNITED.COM

“The false idea that modern species which have lost some of the functions or complexity of their ancestors must accordingly be degenerate forms” – The Upbeats.From the wilds of New Zealand comes number 2 of the 3 part ‘De-Evolution’ series on VISION.Featuring collaborations with Orifice Vulgatron (Foreign Beggars) and Mara TK from Electric Wire Hustle. Written in New Zealand, London and the Netherlands.BuyLink