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As I listen to the opening of InsideInfo's "Spychase" I close my eyes and I swear Im in a high speed car chase in a James Bond film. The suspense created by the strings give the track its dramatic cinematic quality.Spychase also has a really cool retro sound as well. As the song builds the listener is taken on a audio and visual journey filled with twists and turns.By the end of the track I swear I hear the shrill of that high performance sports car.This is one of the most exciting drum+bass tracks I have ever herd. I can't wait till the rest of the LP drops.Jason Bakes DNB◉UNITED RECORDS .

As we draw closer to the release of one of the most eagerly anticipated debut albums of the year, Viper Recordings’ own InsideInfo gears up to drop the lead single ‘Spychase’ from his upcoming ‘InsideInfo LP’. Showcasing some powerful production skills, the producer blends together a mix of creative sampling, hard- hitting basslines, and the use of raw musical instruments to create a fast-paced belter of a tune with ‘Spychase’. With the release of the ‘InsideInfo LP’ imminent, ‘Spychase’ is the very first taste of an album demonstrating a vast range of musical complexity and diversity. Fans can expect features from all ends of the musical spectrum, including the UK metal band Bleed Within’s Scott Kennedy, electronic vocalists Fable and Tasha Baxter, renowned MC’s Jakes and Miss Trouble, right through to one of the world’s most celebrated tabla players, Aref Durvesh. Pulling out all the stops, InsideInfo’s first album shares a glimpse into a whole new world of sound in such a way that only his creative genius can imagine.

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Released: 24th Feb. 2017