DC Breaks - Underground Ram Records 🇬🇧

DC Breaks return following the success of their vocal-show stopper Everybody, a track which has dominated stages across European festivals for the past twelve months. Although this time, as its name suggests, the duo return to the Underground, bringing out the sound which made them so infamous in the early days. With a debut LP slowly getting closer, the next few singles will solidify just how diverse the album will prove to be. Whether it’s the stadium prowess of Everybody, or the angrily stomping beat peddles of Underground, their palette of musicality continues to impress. Underground is a stomping, biting call to arms which is set to explode subs on impact. Featuring the heavy bass notes which resound throughout the nastier side of DC Breaks’ discography, they create a dark atmosphere and build up for a foreboding intro. With warbling hooks and a bassline that surges with power, it also expands their dancefloor appeal by giving a flipside to the likes of ‘Infinity’ and ‘Gambino’. Featuring a more jump-up undertone, you’ll find this set blazer making an appearance at any distortion driven crescendo. DC Breaks never fail to make their impact through grinding slabs of sonic and Underground is no different. Be careful what you wish for, because DC Breaks will deliver beats harder than you could imagine.

Hands in the air banger from DC Breaks, out now on RAM Records.