Invisible 026 Various Artists EP Featuring Proxima, Cruk & Signal, Sustance and Audeka.

Listening to Invisible 026 is like having a dream about being abducted by aliens. Everything sounds like warped echoes reverberating off of mechanical walls and it is very disorienting, almost as though we are in another world listening to the remnants of this world. Outworld by Proxmia echoes everything from basketball sounds to what I can only assume is the twinge of an acoustic guitar, and then right in the middle is a more clear sound of quick percussion to remind us that this is not a dream.

It’s a really cool and twisted take on how music is interpreted. Illusion by Crux, Signal continues this dream-like effect with the sounds of metal, like a cymbal dropping on the floor in slow motion. The dream becomes a bit of a nightmare with fast drums against what sounds like a faded drill sergeant barking orders.

Rattler and Assassin, by Sustance and Audeka respectively, have a very different sound from the others. Its as thought the beginning of the album was the listener in the dream and experiencing the world from a distance, and then by the third track the listener begins to wake up. Rattler is more solid in its drum beats and has a more consistent pattern to it, moving from the echo world with a solid heartbeat bass drum to a quicker more erratic patterned drum as though the heart is being put under stress. Combine this with the fading in-and out-shrill sound of horns and it sounds like someone dreaming of running from something in the shadows. Very cool effect that ties directly into Assassin’s funky R&B meets DJ vibe that reminds me a lot of Chemical Brothers.

Overall a fantastic dream album that you’ve just got to hear to believe. Invisible 026 is out now from Invisible Recordings.

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