Fa11out & Vegas - Black Bones Bad Taste Recordings ⍟ Pro Unlimited

Bad Taste Recordings take a firm stride further into 2017, following the unprecedented remixing of Billain with an appropriately massive track representing the sign of new blood in sound and visual art for the label. Senad Nurkanović a.k.a FA11OUT is a Tattoo artist and Music producer from Bosnia, discovered by VEGAS from the legendary Bad Company UK. Combining Senad’s music production and digital painting with Vegas 20 years experience, Black Bones has been molded through dark ambience and apocalyptic aesthetics. BLACK BONES rides in on a tense percussive flow, underpinned by menacing textural distortion that builds to unleash a powerful yet understated tune of immense proportions. Its frenetic and precisely placed percussive mechanism carries the walls of impressively designed bass in a ruthlessly effective format throughout, ensuring complete devastation of the rave.

Pre-order: www.badtasterecordings.com/download/bt056dd Release date: 24th March 2017