FRANKEE Romana - Andy C Exclusive Ram Records 🇬🇧

Frankee has been working hard in the studio recently, diligently crafting these next few cuts and creating his biggest body of work to date. After a brief hiatus, he’s returned to the scene with a whole record collection of tracks which symbolise his meteoric climb. The first selection is ‘Romana’, a stepping stone towards his first LP on revered imprint Ram Records. After delivering cuts for Ram’s sister-label Program, he was signed exclusively to one of the most monumental dance music outputs in the world. Since then, he’s grown from strength to strength, creating crunching, club bangers like ‘Gully’, as well as liquid rollers like ‘Love & Peace’. His diversity is astounding and this carries through into his forthcoming LP, due to be released later this year. Frankee is also a notorious figure on the club circuit. Having performed at the world’s largest drum & bass gathering, including Prague’s Let it Roll and Russia’s Pirate Station his presence behind the decks is just as diverse as his studio releases and his first LP will certainly reflect this. ‘Romana’ is deceptive in its intro, moving out on soft instrumentals, plucking notes and a female-lead vocal melody. However, the track quickly switches, crashing forward on grating snare with a bassline that quickly zips between the mix. Pitched up synth cuts between layers, giving you a brief respite before the record once again crashes with vibrating subs. ‘Romana’ is the perfect reintroduction into Frankee’s versatility, one that’s sure to bring him even further onto the forefront.

Out Now!