Med School Records / Bop -Not Your Cup Of Tea EP 🇬🇧

Bop stays true to form with his latest offering on Med School; the uncompromising ‘Not Your Cup Of Tea’ EP is an electronic escape into a mystic matrix of computerized trills, robotic drum dances and deep cosmic bass. Bop has been spearheading the Microfunk movement since its foundations were built back in 2009 with his influential ‘Clear Your Mind’ LP. His artistic vision of crisp clicks, swoops, bites and beats creates a minimalist elegance that’s given Russia it’s own homegrown style of drum & bass. His eccentricity doesn’t just reach as far as unusual track titles; Bop’s DJ sets are eclectic as they come. When joining the Med School family at sold-out Roxy Prague shows, Outlook’s festival stage or their 2017 London Residency he reaches for the intriguing, capturing crowds with his diverse 174BPM selection.

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