Program Impish - Burning / Leave Me

Impish is a name you’re sure to see across the drum & bass world over the next twelve months. With Program priding themselves at bringing the genre’s most defining newcomers from the depths of music’s upcoming talent, this next release from the imprint demonstrates they’ve garnered such a reputation. The Russian producer, who comes from a free party scene known for developing hotbeds of technically adept artists, has been dabbling with electronic music since he was first introduced to dance music. Already known for his ‘Burning Series’ monthly night in Moscow, he began to test his first records on a slowly growing crowd. On his Program debut, up first is ‘Burning’, an edging, melodic number that rolls out smoothly on clinking hi-hats and pounding drums. Enlisting female vocals to carry the track forward, it shows the versatility of his sound, one which moves from beginning to end. Humanistic crescendos help to centre each break and bit by bit you’re drawn into his familiar musicianship. A stunning showcase on Program, it’s your first introduction to Impish through this platform and it’s definitely one which will resound in your mind... Proving not only his love for the craft, but also a defining moment for the producer’s career. ‘Leaving Me’ featuring Julia Marks juxtaposes the A-side perfectly. A more crunching, darkly lit cut which follows through with moody atmospherics, ‘Leaving Me’ stands at a polar opposite to its predecessor. Mark’s adds an almost creepy dimension to each layer, building on top of the tracks sonic and leading you synapses first into a conundrum of snapping hi-hats and crispy snare. LFO leads the charge, focusing primarily on crackling bass and quickly-firing beats. More reminiscent of the genre’s bigger players, Impish certainly holds his weight. Verifying the expert A&R held up by the label, once again it’s time to get with the Program.