Lenzman - Earth Tones EP (NQ002 The North Quarter

Neo-soul, Drum+Bass and Hip Hop are three genres and styles of music that have been the hallmark sound for long-time DJ/producer and artist Lenzman. Formerly recording under the legendary Metalheadz label with the grandfather of Jungle, Drum+Bass and Breaks, Goldie himself, and the rest of the team, two decades later gave birth to multi-award winning artist Lenzman. With the launch of his own label last year, The North Quarter, the producer no longer stands in the shadow of his teachers, but has become an equal with a catalog and signature sound all his own. I have watched and listened to Lenzman bring his Neo-urban, Drum+Bass modern tracks to commercial success without selling out. That is a trick that can go very wrong if the artist is not a seasoned player with a strong foundation of what works and what doesn't in the studio, and the ability to perform it live. Every mix tape Lenzman releases features some of the nineties best names in American Hip Hop, mixed with his own style of blending liquid Drum+Bass with that trademark groove that popped...you heard it and just knew straight away that it was Lenzman. As Earth Tones plays on my turntable, it is after midnight in my studio, and I have to say that every song flows with a rhythmic quality that I have come to expect from the producer Lenzman. Rarely do I see it in today's releases, such a consistent, well-balanced relationship of organic sounds with digital beats. This album, in my opinion, is one of his best, and if its a sign of what is coming next, I truly believe that The North Quarter label will become a destination for other artists to make their bones. Well done. Jason Bakes Founder DNB◉UNITED RECORDS BuyLink http://thenorthquarter.nl