Filip Motovunski - Right Here / Lava VIP Bad Taste

You know, I went to school for a long time and I got a master’s in literature and I split it between writing and philosophy, and it always bothers me how limited resources really are. I love finding out about new people and places and ideas (ooh, nouns!) and grasping every morsel I can before time runs out and I turn into a flabby shell of my former self. You’ll get that reference a bit later, specifically when discussing the second track. It bothers me that when I became a teacher and entered the field that so many people were unaware of philosophy - Americans are especially bad about this - and we are all so enraptured in our tunnel vision that we can’t embrace anything beyond our horizon line. I thank god for music and poetry every day of my life because without them we would be grounded. That is why I loved Filip Motovunski’s latest two tracks “Right Here” and “Lava VIP” for inserting bits of philosophy and foreboding into what can be so mind-numbingly basic for anyone on the outside. The beats are great, the message is subtly aimed towards deeper thinkers, and it is still something you can dance to. Take a deep breath and let’s drive on in.

This one’s gonna be a little deep, y’all, so strap on your thinking caps and get ready to touch an idea. Just remember: once you touch it you will instantly believe it, and to believe it you will have to give up something else you believe in. Right here, right now, sacrifice to keep moving. That’s the spiritual idea behind the voice of “Right Here” - that in order to embrace this music, the tonality and complexity that derives within it, and to let it move you on to the next stage of enlightenment that is Filip Motovunski, you have to sacrifice something to the music - right here and right now. There’s a foreboding discord to the beginning of the song as the keyboard and synthesizer give en epic sound that is almost like a church organ; combine this with an occasional hiss of static sound and a distorted echo of someone talking and you have a very tense beginning that sounds amazingly cool. The echo becomes more clear as we near the first drop of squelching and synthetic horns to reveal the words of Jamaican spiritualist Mooji. Don’t know who he is? Well you should! The man has been around more than 20 years speaking about religion and philosophy, and it is he who is giving both a warning and an invitation to embrace the idea of music presented here. The sound becomes more and more clear as the beat picks up with snare drums and synthetic horns to create a great dance beat that isn’t too over the top but will definitely keep you moving with its layered sound. The hissing sound is always present, almost like a snake coaxing you in to eat forbidden fruit… But that would be too obvious, wouldn’t it?

“Lava VIP” is much more of a liquid sound than “Right Here”, but it’s no less a warning: every living thing gets burned by lava. The opening sounds like monks warbling over the sounds of water dripping and running. It takes few moments for that water to turn into a trilling synth like a missile being shot out of a Michael Bay movie, but when it does we get another interesting foreboding voice warning us to get in the car. It sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger got an upgrade from terminator to someone holding your child for ransom, but the message is still pretty clear: get moving because all living things are burned by lava. Part of me wanted to yell out no shit, but honestly I was too busy dancing to beat to think of the words. While this isn’t a heavy EDM beat by any means there’s still plenty to move to in this one. The beat is a quick trill of synths set against a slow bongo-style drum like a video game about club dancing, and after the second drop of the monks and water the beat just picks up that much more. It seems the more the song moves the further from the distorted sound the listener gets, as if the smoke from the lava clears, so as the tune goes you get more and more clarity to the notes and beats. I’m just disappointed because I so wanted the voice to say, just once, “Get in the chappa!” But alas, it was not to be. Oh, Ahnold, how you can create sick beats but still let your fans down.

Filip’s new beats are insightful, break the mold, and drag you down into the depths of original thought and sacrifice. This one isn’t meant to be taken lightly ladies and gents. Search online for the lyrics to "Right Here" and read some Mooji, then get some hard cider and get in the car before you get burned for missing this one. Or take the choppa. Either one is good.

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