Keeno / Med Schools Music for Orchestra: Drums & Bass

Since settling into Bristol’s cultural hub Keeno has thrived. His latest project ‘Music For Orchestra: Drums & Bass’ fuses two worlds, pumping rich classical scores with an underground drum & bass heartbeat. The recording of live orchestral elements in four new tracks has propelled his distinctive repertoire to new heights, making an incredible follow-up to his sophomore album ‘Futurist'.

Opening track ‘Enigma’ balances thick staccato strings, long drawn harmonics and weighty bass for full impact. Since Keeno took part in Enter Shikari’s ‘Hospitalised’ remix album frontman Rou Reynolds has been a big fan. He’s returned the favour with a vocal lead on ‘Shelter From The Storm’ where natural elements create an earthly atmosphere for this deep bassy roller. Turning to Keeno’s more dancefloor focused persona ‘Fading Fast’ mixes a heavy reverberating bassline with sharp breaths of strings to create a tension-building, powerful counterpart. Finally, the church-like vocals of ‘Insomnia Of An Anxious Mind’ echo the somber sounds of late night emotions - a satisfyingly moody alternative to Keeno’s usual uplifting magic.

“Music for Orchestra: Drums & Bass is a collection of tunes inspired by my recent move to Bristol. I finally have a dedicated space to be creative and it's really transformed my music. I feel really proud of this bunch of tunes - they reflect my full range of classical styles and go off on the dancefloor. Thank you and enjoy!” - Keeno

Available now via on iTunes & Amazon - taken from the forthcoming 'Music for Orchestra: Drums & Bass':

Keeno once again delivers a new and fresh approach to the DNB genre. Just on the heels of London Elektricity's Big Band in the Park, Keeno drops an honest, original example of how blending organic and digital sounds sets the music on fire and brings a human aspect of the artist to the listener. Often times in a world where DJs get on stage and just push and play music that has been pre-recorded, the audience is too many times left underwhelmed. The relationship between the artist that is performing live, and the energy kicked back from an eager audience, is a real relationship that both survives and thrives because of the others role. One can not exist without the other, if truth be told. In many cases, the producers biggest moments are created within the confines of the studio and for the most part are never recognized by the fans. Lastly, on the flip side, when an artist like Keeno, Netsky or London Elektricity blend both real instruments with prerecorded samples, loops and beats, the result can often be the very best of both worlds colliding in a new and exciting formula. A formula that gives the audience something they will never forget. Its a real and authentic experience that causes instant musical synergy, leaning both parties feeling connected in a new and positive way. I, for one, both as a producer and an artist, enjoy blending real instruments with new and interesting digital sounds that I create to marry with the rest of the song I am composing. Like a great chef with years of experience knows when he or she is flavoring the dish verses seasoning it. Flavoring is adding a completely new element, where seasoning is enhancing the mother product's natural taste without losing it completely. Check out Insomnia Of An Anxious Mind. Wow...the keyboard at the beginning is so relaxing and floats the listener to an airy place, while the strings come from under the layered sound...before the beat even drops in, you're saying to yourself, wow I could listen to this for a few more minutes...before the change comes, and then you just let go into the beautiful sound scape and get lost. What Keeno brings next into his layered approach is every bit as satisfying as I could have wished for, when that beat drops and the bass crawls into the song like a snake. This is a very mature song for a young producer. That's a good sign, if you ask me. Do yourself a favor, if you're bored with the DNB lately from other artists, and you would like to try something a bit more progressive, something that takes chances and does it with a calculated skill, buy Keeno's Music For Orchestra Drum & Bass. Even the cover of the album has that 1960's Verve and BluNote Jazz retro design and colors. Jason Bakes Founder contributor of DNB◉UNITED RECORDS .