Futurebound vs. Jaguar Skills - Shadow King from Viper Recordings

There’s nothing like a great storyline to match a great sound. Shadow King, the latest mix from Futurebound vs Jaguar Skills and Viper Recordings, is part three of Viper 100 and it is like nothing I have heard this year. There are elements from all over: video games, horror, jungle, old school, and nostalgic fallbacks to keep you in line. The opening notes sound like Mario Brothers as you’re umping and grabbing coins with Bowser in the background - this time under the guise of The Shadow King - pulling you back in and forcing you in his service. The monster calls from beyond the darkness. You run, you dodge, you jump, you collect the coins.

Tension builds as your life-force is drained. You have nothing, you are nothing - or so he thinks just before you break out with your mad jaguar skills and penchant for great timing. The horns and synthetic squelching lead the way into battle right up until the two minute mark where round one ends and sirens indicate that while you may have beaten the boss in his early form, there is something bigger and badder still out there, and you’re going to have to use everything you’ve go in order to win. The crescendo of the drums and horns means your power move is ready. You will win, you have to win, for the sake of all video games everywhere. Just as the Shadow King rears his head again and claims he owns you, you slam into him and kill all other sounds by the king himself, warning you that you are no better than he, and you’re still in service to him. The sounds fade, the battle is won, but the war is still to come.

I gotta tell you, this mix was a hard one for me to review. There are so many awesome elements to this that picking out a storyline like I usually do was really hard, but a big bad boss battle is exactly what I thought of with Futurebound vs. Jaguar Skills' Shadow King. I hope that you will find it just as great and will join the battle with the rest of us, because we need more fighters like this one!

Shadow King is out now only from Viper Recordings.

BuyLink: https://viper.lnk.to/vpr100c

The ‘VIPER 100’ EP is a four-part series of exclusive Viper artist collaborations to celebrate Viper’s 100th release. With the first two instalments already firm dancefloor favourites, Part 3 follows up with two legendary figures in the scene, pitting Futurebound versus Jaguar Skills.

‘Shadow King’ harnesses the sheer production power of two of the industry’s greatest masterminds in Futurebound and Jaguar Skills. Hot off the back of his latest Matrix & Futurebound dancefloor single, 'The Wall', along with the massive hit single 'Fire' from last year, Viper C.E.O. Futurebound has been busy at work bringing together artists from all over the Viper camp to release Viper's epic 100th release. Meanwhile, Jaguar Skills has been on an absolute tear for the past 12 months coming off his new smash single 'FLY', along with his the massive 'Ready To Rock EP' which featured the hit tracks 'Reload That' and 'The Riot Squad'.

Since its inception by Futurebound in 2004, Viper Recordings has swiftly become one of the biggest drum and bass labels on the planet. Along with both sub-label Viper VIP, Viper Recordings has continued to build a global fan base as true pioneers of the scene.

Responsible for some of the most ground-breaking vocal and dancefloor Drum & Bass hits over the past decade plus, Viper Recordings is known for both its heavyweight roster of artists and its continuing mission to champion fresh and upcoming talent. Now, 13 years on, Viper have hit their 100th release and are celebrating in style by dropping a huge 4-Part EP titled ‘VIPER 100’.

Stay tuned for the final instalment of the VIPER 100 EP series, plus Part 2 of the renowned VIPER:100 Live event set to hit Fire London on 26th May 2017. Grab your ticket now at Viper100.co.uk.





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