Blackout Music ⚡︎ Presents Evolutions Vol. 4 ☆☆☆☆

As I was listening to Blackout Musics last Evolutions release, Evolutions 3. over the long holiday weekend, Blackout drops the fourth in the Neuro-funk series into my inbox. Due to officially drop on April 28th, I couldn't wait to load my decks with this wicked new masterpiece. Featuring: Synergy_music, Cruk, Fre4knc, CORTEKS, KOLT, MC Coppa, Disprove, Merikan and Ordure!, Evolutions 4 is chockfull of super tight Neuro-funk DNB to satisfy your soul. Let's jump right in to the first track to smack you in the face with its dirty bass, creaking and croaking like a wet pair of rain shoes...Overdose is a perfect overture to this blast furnace of Drum+Bass. The beat is so big that it hits you in the chest like a old school Buick that your grandad drove twenty years ago. That super phat beat serves a purpose, as it lays the foundation for all of the other instruments to rely upon. This kind of production is so big, that when mastering this album, you know the headroom was minimal. When choosing a track to open Evolutions 4 with, I feel that there probably wasn't a lot of discussion over which track would be the best. Overdose has legs and serves as a real gate crasher that lends a exciting preview of whats to come. Since reviewing Blackout Musics releases on DNB◉UNITED.COM, I have to say that they deliver a consistent series of artists within the Neuro-funk genre that provide a signature sound that is engaging and crisp. The cover art for Evolutions 3 was so cool that my comic book loving son and I have both been using it as a screen saver for the last month! Now, my son and I are waiting with anticipation to see what comic book artwork will be created and chosen for each release in the series. This gives the fan buying the next album the whole package. Sadly, until actual vinyl record sales were 3 to 1 in 2016, fans were really missing that physical relationship of holding the album in their hands, versus a download with a PDF. No fucking contest! Over the last 5 years, vinyl sales in both the US and the UK are beating mp3s, which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who has grown up with both. What really scared me more than anything, was when just prior to 2012, there was a generation of kids that grew up only knowing iTunes. They never had the benefit of hearing, buying and collecting vinyl. They seem to have missed the opportunity to go to a favorite record store to buy your favorite comics, music and related merchandise. That is a real crime, to me. So...back to Evolution 4. Let me just say that as the release hits Full Tilt, track two, you are on a syncopated musical journey that really keeps pace with the album's rhythm, while building to something new and interesting in its sound and effort. Unlike so many Neuro-funk DNB releases that all start sounding the same, Evolutions 4 has the added benefit of being a collection of artists. Having each artist bring their own style and signature sound keeps this release interesting and fresh. Do yourself a favor and pick up the latest release in the series and place the album at the front of your collection, so when your mates come by to listen they can see what's new in your collections rotation when you display the awesome artwork. Make a statement that you deserve, and most importantly, demand more when buying your music, so you bought the whole album on vinyl! Evolutions 4 drops April 28th worldwide.


This edition is mixed by Black Sun EmpireFree download: The new Black Sun Empire 'The Wrong Room' is out now!Get it here: - Black Sun Empire & Pythius - Catalyst02 - Black Sun Empire & State of Mind - Pull The Trigger03 - Black Sun Empire & State of Mind - Twisted Up04 - Neonlight - Queen Beth05 - Black Sun Empire - Swarm06 - Black Sun Empire feat. Dope D.O.D - Refuge07 - Black Sun Empire & Pythius - Heresy08 - Agressor Bunx - Radical Sound09 - Black Sun Empire & State of Mind feat. Thomas Oliver - Stranger10 - Synergy - Overdose11 - Black Sun Empire & State of Mind feat PNC - Until the World Ends (Mind Vortex Remix)12 - Black Sun Empire & State of Mind feat. Codebreak - Long time Dead (VIP)13 - Black Sun Empire - Breach14 - Telekinesis - New World Order15 - Noisia - Into Dust (Neonlight Remix)16 - Current Value - Starfleet17 - Black Sun Empire - Crash Dive18 - Curent Value - Eager fight (A.M.C remix)19 - Black Sun Empire & Neonlight - Abduction20 - Prolix - We do Our Thing21 - Black Sun Empire & Audio - Cloud Parasite22 - Black Sun Empire & State of Mind feat. Virus Syndicate - Caterpillar23 - Pythius & Neonlight - Tarkin24 - Black Sun Empire & Pythius - Scarif25 - Agressor Bunx - Critical Moment26 - Black Sun Empire & State of Mind - Thug27 - Black Sun Empire - Broken28 - Frankee - Gully VIP29 - Black Sun Empire & Prolix - No Advance30 - Black Sun Empire & Noisia - The Veil31 - The Upbeats & Agressor Bunx - Cauldron33 - Black Sun Empire - Foundation34 - Black Sun Empire feat Belle Doron - Immersion