Metalheadz Records Nucleus & Paradox - Wrath EP / Goldie - Prism / The Journey Man/ April 22 New

Goldie has released a brand new track, ‘Prism’, taken from his forthcoming double LP ‘The Journey Man’. The track showcases the darker and more underground sounds of Goldie’s repertoire, and is available to stream and download now on all digital platforms upon purchase of the album.

Goldie says: “This is one of my favouritedrum‘n’bass tracks on the album. I wanted to reach back into the 1980s…to capture that feeling when you melt gold in a crucible. When it’s at its hottest point, to create something precious from the raw materials – drum, breaks, basslines. But the most important element for me is the melody”.

Nucleus & Paradox have always been a worthy pairing and their next release for Metalheadz, which is split into 2 parts, once again proves it. Their 2005 single on the label is switched up across both parts, with '12 Bits' getting a Mako remix whilst the duo themselves present a new remix of 'Aragon', bringing a fresh spark to the original.

The two remaining tracks split across the EP are originals, with both showcasing exquisite breaks and twisted basslines throughout.

Metalheadz to release Burial remix of Goldie's 'Inner City Life'

Metalheadz will put out Burial's remix of "Inner City Life" by Goldie, as part of a Record Store Day special release this month. Goldie mentioned the remix of his '95 jungle anthem during a BBC interview in 2015. "His version is amazing," he told Gilles Peterson. "My friends don't get it, but I get it completely." The 12-inch is due out as part of Record Store Day 2017, and includes the Burial version as well as a "2017 Rebuild" by Goldie himself on the flipside. That'll land on April 22nd, a couple months before the slated release date of The Journey Man, his first LP as Goldie since 2008. Tracklist 01. Inner City Life (2017 Rebuild) 02. Inner City Life (Burial Rmx) Metalheadz will release Inner City Life on April 22nd, 2017. When Inner City Life was originally released, with Diane Charlemagne on vocals, I believe that was the birth of jungle and Drum + Bass for me as well as many others, both inside the UK and the world over. The album name, "Timeless" couldn't have been more appropriately titled. This has, without a doubt, come to live up to the name and hold its own all these years later. With the passing of Diane last year, I am so happy to hear of the remix about to drop on April 22. Diane was, and still is, the greatest vocalist that ever recorded in the Drum + Bass and Jungle genres to date. Her recent work included recording and performing live with Netsky on the "Come Alive" album and tour. With the heart of a lion and a voice to match, Diane was a force to be heard and seen. With the new release from Goldie, Journey Man, ready to drop, take a moment and jump into the way back machine to 1995, and listen to the release that started it all, Timeless. Cheers Jason Bakes aka BC⚡︎➒ Founder of DNB◉UNITED RECORDS DNB◉UNITED.COM





Goldie - Inner City Life feat. Diane Charlemagne (2017 Rebuild) - Record Store Day 2017