Wash Away EP - Wilkinson - RAM Records

RAM records has hit gold again with Hypnotic, the new album by Wilkinson that will be released on April 21, 2017. Track three is “Wash Away,” an awesome beat and layered mix that we have gotten hold of exclusively for your reviewing pleasure. Hold onto your butts.

Upbeat and yet melancholy, “Wash Away” has a reggae feel combined with an acoustic guitar to give a unique sound that begs to make your day better. Wash away my terrible day, that’s what I say. The keyboard and deep heartbeat bass give this a Massive Attack feel that takes me back to 2007 when I was fresh out of high school and thought that I could rule the world. Okay, maybe not, because I was in college still dreaming of making something out of myself, but that’s the angsty feeling of regret that this track is perfect for. The drums are never overpowering and keep the squeaky synthetics and keyboards upfront with the vocals to trick you into thinking this isn’t really drum and bass but something smooth and easy. The drops are perfect fades into acoustic organic sounds that feed into a crescendo of layering. This one is one of my favorite singles of the year because really it sounds like it can fit in multiple genres.

This track could easily be an opening to any mainstream television show, especially a drama, and I hope that it does get picked up for that very reason. It makes me want to grab my classic iPod, hook up some jams, and hit the b-ball court. If only I could dribble. If only the world didn’t take away my dreams before they even begin. If only I could just… wash away. Yeah, that was pretty cheesy even for me. But whatever, you should be listening to the music by now. Don’t make me pull a Ferris Bueller after-credits-scene on you!

… You’re still here? Go home.

Pick up “Wash Away” and the new album Hypnotic before the tide comes in. Available now from RAM Records.

BuyLink: https://wilkinson.lnk.to/WashAwayID

Sorry, this one requires SoundCloud Pro to fully listen to, but the video above has the whole track!




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