1000DaysWasted and Take 8 - Bassline Business - Night45uk


Everyone as a kid spoke into a fan and pretended to be Darth Vader. We all made lightsaber sounds and struck sticks in the backyard, reenacting the scene where Luke gets his hand cut off and screams, “No! It’s not true!” Well, at least my generation did, and that’s better than being inside pretending like we are another generation through our Xbox profile page and our iTunes accounts. But it is those iconic sounds and pretend moments that trigger something of an escape in our minds, and it’s those escapes that bridge reality and fantasy and give us the slight reprieve that we all crave. So it’s no wonder that the ironically named 1000DaysWasted uses in the collaboration with Take 8 to create some really iconoclastic sounds in the mix “Bassline Business.”


There are two versions of this mix available, one with vocals and one that is just instrumental. I want to focus on the instrumental because to me there is more of a dynamic story to be taken from it. The introduction reminds me of the days when I would sit in my room with friends and randomly change the volume on a stereo to see what weird sentences and sounds we could make. There’s a cymbal crash and a reverse cymbal crash from a high hat and what sounds like an old school telegraph, then a thumping drum like someone knocking at the door. Our friends are here and they have brought with them… Vader! The lightsaber battle begins with the wom-wom-wom sound of the sabers twirling as we try to intimidate each other over the sounds of the thunderous drum and bass that is our battle dance. Each slam of the sabers is a strike on the cymbals as sparks fly and we do our dance, until, after a few minutes, we pause for juice boxes. Then suddenly there’s the sound of the late 90s coming in with some music from the Matrix as Luke and Neo become The One and see all the moves Vader will make before he makes them! The sabers clash again as the dance becomes more erratic and intense! Finally there’s a final drop as the sabers die down and we reach out our hand. “This is boring now. Wanna play Xbox?”


Such is the life of “Bassline Business.” You keep them coming and you keep meeting the masses with their demands, but nooooo, they want more, always more! Thankfully 1000DaysWasted and Take 8 are there to give it to them.


Come to the dark side. We have bass.


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