Goldie - Prism - Metalheadz

Metroid was amazing and insanely hard for the Gameboy and Super Nintendo, but all of us fought to get it and win it. Later renditions were still kinda cool, but nothing hits like the original, and that opening theme with the midi-wave sound is classic like nothing else. With Goldie’s new original mix of “Prism” I am transported back to the days of early video games and classic 80s science fiction and horror and I love it! Grab those spare rockets because it’s time to fight the queen of all alien slugs!

The opening to “Prism” is more like one of those old Orion logo themes if it were made for an 8-bit video game, but the jumps in octaves are what reminded me of the original Metroid and Zelda. There’s a reverberating sound that is definitely got techstep written all over it, but there’s also some scattering of the high hat and some ethereal waves in the background to remind us of the jazz influences that Goldie does so love. When the drums come in they are much more of a tinny sound, and the sci-fi elements turn to more of a Close Encounters of the Third Kind feel, with one set of notes repeating in one key and another lower set of notes responding in the same pattern. At the second drop the ethereal feel comes back with more high hats and more heavenly sounding synths before going into the tinny sounds of wind chimes and snare drums. It starts slow, then builds, always with that 80s sci-fi background keeping you in the mood to go shoot some mutant alien slugs. Ah, heavenly video game violence, how we love you.

There’s a sense of urgency throughout the song despite the overlaying of a heavenly sound. It’s almost as though the story here is that there’s always something greater lurking if you can just get beyond that initial battle. It’s that silver lining that keeps us all moving in a nihilist manner; by that I mean we have two choices: we can be passive and just expect greater things in the next world as long as we just keep on keeping on, or we can pick up that rolling ball add on that gives us the ability to turn into an orb that drops bombs and opens new pathways and make that silver lining a reality. There’s always something better, sure, but it’s up to you if you want to be a part of making it better or if you just want to reap the rewards.

Then again, there’s always GameShark.

A truly masterful homage to the past and an ever-pressing forward into the future, Goldie once again shows us all how it’s supposed to be done.

Pick up Goldie’s “Prism” remix available here.