BC#9 HAS JUST DROPPED THE LATEST PODCAST FEATURING THE BEST NEW DNB. THE UNITED STATE OF DNB HOSTED BY BC⚡︎➒ IS NOW AVAILABLE. Teddy Killerz- Teddy's Song June Miller, James Marvel & MC Mota- Dominator Discipline Redpill - Molecular Music 2 Futurebound vs Jaguar Skills -Shadow King (Viper 100 part 3) Agressor Bunx -Bleak Shadows Madface Hold On - Feat Benji Fred V Grafix -Hurricanes Wild Love Bcee -Morning Star (Break Remix)

Preview the latest tracks up for review and due to drop soon. This past month has seen the release of some killer drum + bass & Jungle tracks the world over. I have also received some incredible new Neurofunk and Jungle prereleases for consideration and review from over a dozen new labels that are too good to not make time and space for. I am constantly trying to find the next new artist via the labels that are sending me their latest and greatest efforts in the evolving genre of DNB, Jungle and of corse the explosion of Neurofunk DNB that has seen some real talent emerge this last year alone . With Record labels such as Methlab , Bad Taste , Terminal ,Eatbrain ,Tempo and Invisible the amount of quality tracks is growing. Sub label "Division Records" is boasting some well known DNB artists breaking off into more experimental electronica projects with some very interesting results. Our chief editor and contributor "Killer Ebb" has been reviewing some of these releases for after we decided to include these new albums within our regular format. From the launch of DNB◉UNITED.COM we wanted to include and promote all forms of the sub genres born of DNB and Jungle that are evolving from the main sound and style we love so much. The new album "Journey Man" that we all can't wait for from Goldie isn't the only thing coming out of Metalheadz these days of corse. Metalheadz has been sending me a new release almost every other week for the last six weeks that are wicked! Goldies "Prism" , Ulterior Motives "Step Change and "Get Close" just hit my inbox and are beautiful modern days Jungle releases with a signature sound that keeps things crisp and live. Following those driving releases I can't say enough good things from 1000 daysWasted & Take 8's advance release I just received last week. Taking the underground sound of Jungle and blending it with dark Nerofunk style sounds has kept the album in my decks for the better part of two weeks now. I am blown away with the recent five hour live show from Dj Mag.This Night puts the spotlight on some of Vipers best talent. Officially getting the world ready for their 100 release event coming the end of May. This will be a live club event that will prove to kick some DNB ass without any doubt after seeing John B. headline the show last week. A wicked pre-game night that you can watch the entire five hour show here that I posted last week.With that said Viper, Ram and some of the better known triple A DNB artists / labels have sent over some wicked advance releases falling into some truly sick prime cuts that I featured in this months podcast. Preview some of these tracks while they are super hot and ready to drop.Its an awesome time to be listening to drum + bass. Cheers Jason Bakes Founder and CEO Of DNB◉UNITED RECORDS DNB◉UNITED.COM & host Of THE UNITED STATE OF DNB / BC⚡︎➒ .Stay Raw - DNB Takes All!