After launching in March of 2016 our founder and artist Jason Bakes aka BC⚡︎➒ started the monthly podcast THE UNITED STATE OF DNB. The show was another platform to follow the artist interviews and special features.First the podcast was made available via Soundcloud and mix cloud only.As the show grew in popularity it was clear it had a following that was rapidly emerging as a source for many listeners to preview the music they just read about and finally buy.With the many forms and sub genres that the evolving sound of drum+bass is morphing into I wanted to be able to highlight each style as well as each artist and where they reside.With all the new drum+bass being released today its worth mentioning what country and city its being produced.This is a bold new world with new artists representing almost every city across the globe. Back in the early days of dnb the UK was the main point of all things 174bpm and more. There was an explosion of dnb and jungle coming out of towns like Bristol all over the UK. I was there in the late nineties and artists like Roni Size, Groove rider, Goldie , Fabio, Adam F. and Doc Scott were helping forge the sound of things to come. I always new as an artist and writer that this story would go on to be a interesting one.So we all know the basic history fast forward to todays elements of surprise is what I wanted to focus on with records and others have releases "The Future Sound" series to highlight different countries new artists approach to the modern day drum+bass we feature on the website today.The many labels I work with each have a signature sound that is their hallmark when you here it you know who the artist is signed with. Thats a really good way of branding your label. Do it with the sound.Drum+bass is in my bias opinion is a more sophisticated brand of music. I can list many reasons why but I won't everyone likes it for their own reasons. Ones no more important than the other. Hence calling one genre of dnb "intelligent" is like saying the others are not. So when I started producing THE UNITED STATE OF DNB I also invited the artists we review and interview to create some exclusive guest mixes for DNB◉UNITED.COM. Before we knew it we were getting some really banging mixes. Our podcast went from a thousand listeners to nine thousand overnight!We are now available on Tunein Radio worldwide,Mixcloud,Soundcloud and on Friday night Dj Rea of Vancouver number one dnb show "The late night show" or FM 101.9FM rebroadcasts our podcast live.As of today I finally created our You Tube channel THE UNITED STATE OF DNB TV. I love to see the comments from the audience telling me they never herd of that artist we played or how a track turned a bad day into a good one.The best though is when someone claims they never herd of dnb and now they are falling hard in love with it.Music is a gift. If we don't share it it looses its value. So I will keep on producing the show now on a larger platform in hopes that I reach another set of new ears ready to buy the ticket and take the ride.Cheers BC⚡︎➒

DNB UNITED'S PODCAST THE UNITED STATE OF DNB BC#9 1. Maduk- Got Me Thinking - Hospital Records

2. Netsky- Drawing Straws - Hospital Records

3. Netsky- Love Is Gone- Hospital Records

4. High Contrast- So Confused- Hospital Mix

5. High Contrast- Calling My Name- Hospitality 2016

6. Logistics- Cold Light Of Day- Electric Sun- Hospital Records

7. Fred V & Grafix- Ultravoilet- Hospital Records

8. Etherwood- Falling Out Of Consciousness (Keeno Remix)- Ten Years of Med School- Med School Records

9. Urban Dawn & Bungle- Sacred Floor- Future Sound of Brazil

10. Metric- Terminus- Hospitality 2016

11. BC9- Vandergrift- DNB◉UNITED RECORDS

12. Keen- Nocturne (Frederic Robinson Remix) Ten Years of Med School- Med School Records


Published on May 2, 2017

1.Rewind by Jayden 2.Spin Test byJune Miller 3.Bounce by Hamilton 4.Jay Mgthix by Kje 5.Sea Air by Karkota 6.Angels Sing by Ownglow 7.Elastic by Krakow 8.Meridian by Krakow 9.Life Thrills by Metrik 10.The Night Is Still Young (Blake)by Ownglow 11.Breathe Me ( Six feet under last song of HBO Series)by Widdlers Cut