June Miller, James Marvel, and MC Mota - Dominator / A Pinda Funk EP - RAM Records

The latest from RAM Records is out! James Marvel, June Miller, and MC Mota are hear for Cinco de Mayo with a blast of funky genre-bending that will surely bring you to your senses in Dominator. Let’s get right to it, because this one is out now and still fresh!

“Jesus, man, take a breath!” That’s what I think every time I hear someone beatbox with drum and bass. It isn’t a competition. You aren’t going to keep your voice in the exact beat as your drums. It’s cool and all, but trying to pick out the words when you move that fast can be really hard. It just sounds like another language, especially if you have an accent, and frankly most people sound terrible trying to do it. There’s a little bit of that problem with the first track on this album titled “Dominator.” This reggae hip-hop dance beat reminds me of the Motovunski track “Lava VIP” in the way that it builds it layers and adds in the Jamaican-infused synthetic voice. There’s talk about a “true instigator” that will be sending you to “meet your creator” like a true dominator. The words vocals are good, the drums are really well done with fast thuddy jungle beats that strike up against the reverberation of synthetics, but the only time you really get the words are during the drops when the drums stick to more of a light bongo. There’s so much to this track with jungle and snare, tin and thud, and even some light keyboard synthetics that butt up against some squealching. These guys know what they are doing as they call you to rise up and be a dominator before someone takes you down. Watch the video below to get the real feel of the words, because once you see clowns burning stuff you'll be more appreciative for what June, James, and Mota are aiming for. I mea, who doesn't love homicidal clowns, right? Worked for ICP.

“Pinda Funk” is a totally different animal. This thing is all over the place with how awesome it is. There’s synthetic keyboard, super fast snare drums, plucky synthesized guitar solos, and a much clearer voice that reminds you that this is in fact “Pinda Funk.” The double-drops are a welcome surprise as you think you know where you’re going and then there’s a quick turn into another valley. It’s like there are two mountains, one with the snare drums and one with the bass drums forging out the layers of rocks. In between each rock grove there’s a pulsating funky synth beat wearing down the shapes to fit perfectily, and then dividing the mountains is a valley of guitars and keyboards. You start at the top of the mountain with the reverberating beat just under your feet and you groove and move your way down to the beat. You put your hand in the crevice and drop down in to the first chasm of keyboards and squelches. Just as you reach the bottom you hear the voice calling you to the edge of another drop. “Pinda funk.” Just jump. So you do, and the closer you get the higher the synthetic tension builds, until you slam into the ground with the hero landing onto the stage of synethic guitars. It just makes you feel energized.

Dominator with June Miller, James Marvel, and MC Mota is out now from RAM Recordings. Pick up here and go spelunking into DNB.

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