Cyantific - Robotic Viper Recordings

THE UNITED STATE OF DNB RADIO & TV .Cyantific with Viper recordings dropped Robotic today, with a massive sound on Beatport. With its huge synths and dance floor beat, this banger is club ready and radio friendly. Straight out of the gate, I am finding it hard not to be excited about Vipers 💯 event and release party on May 26th. Viper Recordings @ Viper 100 Pt. 2 @ Fire in Vauxhall, United Kingdomw/ Insideinfo, TC, Skibadee, Cyantific, Mob Tactics, Teddy Killerz, Koven, A.M.C, Turno, Bmotion, Dossa & Locuzzed, Toronto Is Broken, Miss Trouble, The Notorious B.I.G., Tempza, MethLab Recordings, Current Value, Billain, CoppaViper 100 Pt. 2 @ FireVauxhall, United Kingdom. This will prove to be a once in a lifetime event for sure. You know how there are those gigs you hear promoted for over a month, and you say to yourself, "I have to make that date happen because everyone I know is saying it's going to be the best of the rest this year!" You plan to get tickets and go, but one thing or the other happens and you end up a year or two after missing the show kicking yourself, saying you're a proper loser for not attending! Everyone by the coffee maker the Monday after the show is telling each other how banging it was, and how they couldn't believe it, how it was the show to end all shows. The DJs cracked the floor that night! Well, that's how everyone of those baby boomers that missed Woodstock feel now!Trust me, this is that gig. Now you know, make certain to get your tickets and roll to Vipers 💯th release event, and be one of the many that was actually there. If you were an American DNB fan, and loved the lineup for this awesome night, and couldn't go because you couldn't arrange your holiday and dollars to coincide with the date and time, well that's just heartbreaking, because this celebration will happen once and then its gone! The lineup of AAA DJs and the sound that the pre-party (held a couple of weeks ago at DJ Magazine) was so wicked that I cried that I couldn't be back in the UK in time. Viper was kind enough to stream it via You Tube to all those who weren't lucky enough to attend. John B. was off the hook and representing...Jaguar Skills showed up and killed it, along with a host of other turntable ninjas that were all on fire and dropping some of the best DNB in the world. I of course posted the show on DNB◉UNITED RECORDS for all our readership to enjoy. I have been writing reviews and conducting interviews with Vipers artists for the last year and a half, and I have to say they keep raising the bar with each release. So I say with great pride congratulations to Viper and their artists on this special event. May your next 100 releases be even better! On behalf of the crew here at DNB◉UNITED RECORDS crack the floor, make them sweat and give them a night that they won't soon forget! Cheers Jason Bakes a/k/a BC⚡︎➒ Founder and CEO of DNB◉UNITED RECORDS , DNB◉UNITED.COM & THE UNITED STATE OF DNB RADIO & TV .