Dubstitutes ☆ Fear Nothing ☆ NexGen Music ☆ 05-12-2017

A few days ago from my mate James who resides in the UK and represents a group of labels and artists contacting me through dnbunited.com and submitting some new Jungle and DNB tracks. I was interested in what I was sent to listen to and what was to follow. First I would like to give big ups to James for following the official submission process @dnbunited.com by submitting the tracks the proper way instead of leaving them at our Soundcloud account.The simple reason is that when artists and labels want their music to be considered for review it is so much easier to communicate through our website by leaving a brief message and a Soundcloud link to preview without overloading our inbox outside the website.So onto the review.I was first taken by the name "Dubstitutes"very clever. The name also really frames the musics style accurately. Track one "Takeover" is a blend of Jungle and drum + bass that hits the listener straight away and lets you know that this artist is capable of mixing more than one genre at a time with style and taste.Drop dead bass and vocal call backs are present as a siren sounds and sets the track off.The beat changes up and you feel like this track would be hard to define to a friend. This is one of those great tracks that has so much going on from a breakbeat , jump up, jungle and classic DNB sound that I would just recommend you drop the release into your decks and have some fun. Let it play mate, Just let it play." Another Future" is track two that is atmospheric and stays true to the tracks title. A sampled voice from a sic-fi movie opens the track exclaiming that "He's from another planet" computer sounds and layered synths follow as they take to another place. Ushering track three is the title track "Fear Nothing" opens with a B boy expressing "The bigger they are, the harder the fall"I don't fear nothing" is definitely the mantra of this track. A Classic 808 drops the old school hip hop beats that carry the load on this one while the brass punctuates the chorus. Arriving at "Black Rose" we reach the final track on the eclectic EP. Again we are visited by some killer jungle beats in halftime that will make you want to get up and dance. There are flutes and other colorful musical sounds that give off a very nice easy three day weekend vibe. This track even ventures into the Thievery Corperation vein for a moment if I can be so bold.This release is a great selection of tracks that merge jungle and Drum + bass. Crossing over into multi genre styles the that is mixed very well and takes you on a colorful musical journey that will leave you wanting to listen to it over and over. I now understand the title much better after listening to the entire release. Dubsitutes "Fear Nothing" is not only the title but the way this artist approaches his music. Combining all these styles and genres lets you know when Dustitutes in the studio recording he "Fears Nothing" Now its your turn. Jason Bakes Founder DNB◉UNITED RECORDS DNB◉UNITED.COM .

Dubstitutes - FEAR NOTHING EP - 'Takeover' / 'Another Future' / 'Fear Nothing' / 'Black Rose' - NXG026DWritten and produced for NexGen Music 2017. Affectionate Grooves Publishing / Copyright Control.Artist: DubstitutesRelease Date: 05-12-2017Label: NexGen MusicCatalog: NXG026D

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