Ulterior Motive - Step Change / Get Close. Metalheadz UK 🇬🇧

DNB◉UNITED Proudly presents Ulterior Motive's new EP Step Change / Get Close / Metalheadz Records.The duo are back on 'headz with a vengeance and are kicking ass and taking names.One of the great things with a label that has become an institution of sorts is you know what to expect. Proper production and a signature sound that you can rely upon overtime with every release. Quality is what I have come to expect and quality is what I and the fans get with every new release that the Boyz at Metalheadz drop. Pure Drum + Bass gold is what the DNB dynamic duo Ulterior Motive has just released with their latest EP.Label regulars Ulterior Motive present two finely cut pieces of drum and bass, both of which are full of the usual hypnotic funk and production prowess that the duo are now synonymous with. ‘Step Change’ is the monster of the two, with a twisted reese running throughout combined with heavy hitting, tightly tuned drums – a signature Ulterior Motive creation. It’s the funk that bursts to the forefront on ‘Get Close’, sitting over an eerie foundation and completing a stellar double pack for their first original tracks on Metalheadz in almost 2 years. Released May 19, 2017 on Metalheadz Buy @www.metalheadz.co.uk

Ulterior Motive have risen through the ranks of drum and bass and are now on the cusp of releasing their debut album via legendary UK imprint Metalheadz.Their sound is equal parts engineering prowess and dancefloor awareness. The pair have released on labels including Subtitles and Critical over the past few years but it’s Goldie’s label Metalheadz that they havechosen as their home. As Metalheadz goes from strength to strength so do Ulterior Motive as they stride alongside one another, there is a firm commitment to quality over quantity that continues to set the label and the producers apart from their peers.As a DJ unit Ulterior Motive have performed across the globe to rapturous audiences and as a production outfit the pair have remixed Future Cut, Natalie Duncan, Friction and Mercedes.They have collaborated with the cream of drum and bass producers whilst achieving best-selling status via Beatport and other stores. It’s certainly a very exciting time for the pair as they confidently move towards their goals and listeners eagerly await the debut album.