Once again MethLab comes through with yet another quality Neurofunk drum+bass release. This EP from the artist Disprove is packed from start to finish with high quality listening drum+bass for even the most discerning tastes. In a world of more and more sub genres coming out of the Neurofunk genre its hard to tell sometimes whats worth your time and money when making your next purchase.Theres so many new artists that it can be daunting at times to separate the men from the boys.My first piece of advice is stick with a label like MethLab and you rarely will choose anything bad.MethLab has a large and growing list of Triple A Neurofunk artists that are consistently releasing nothing but top shelf tracks. The world of drum+bass is evolving and getting bigger every month. With that said when it comes to the best in Neurofunk I swear by Methlab's artist and releases to find the best of the rest. That is also true with Disproves Oppression EP. Just dropped and smoking hot.This EP is meant to be played and high volume while driving I swear.If you haven't done this exercise yet well jump on the autobahn and road test it. You'll find its a really great way to hear and feel the music in a wicked new way.Jason Bakes DNB◉UNITED RECORDS / DNB◉UNITED.COM & THE UNITED STATE OF DNB RADIO & TV.

DISPROVE steps up to the sleek and understated BNKR division of METHLAB RECORDINGS, delivering an impactful and concise statement with his OPPRESSION EP. Disprove is an established producer with a number of releases behind him on a variety of highly regarded labels that have seen him unleash a diverse selection of highly polished tracks with his unique flavor and varying approach to beat structures and sound design. With the 5 tracks of the Oppression EP, he brings his full and accomplished technique to bear on ruthlessly stripped audio carried on towering bass in a vast sound field, punctuated by immaculately pointed percussion.

The wide airy bass of ORIGIN opens the EP in a bleak tech vibe true to the series, with the low frequencies infiltrated by exquisitely designed sonic microelements before breaking into ascendant arpeggios. Title track OPPRESSION rides on tightly wound anger, with its restrained reese precisely lashing at its sides. WHEN I SEE YOU fidgets deliciously, restlessly shifting on a driven shuffle against an uncomfortable but beautifully looping vocal. THE DAMNED pairs Disprove with the uniquely menacing vocal line of MC HIJAK conjuring a paranoid vision of a desolate infernal landscape pushed on an immense tidal bass wall. AUTOLYSE completes the EP on an tense and frenetic tip, with its fast flowing breaks scattering rapidly around dense impactful sub.

With the fourth release of their BNKR series, the award-winning MethLab Recordings unleash a powerful array of tracks from Italian producer Disprove. Usually known for his fierce and heavy output, the Oppression EP sees Disprove explore a deeper side of his sound, with 5 tracks pushing at the very fringes of minimal but forceful drum & bass.

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