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It was a weekday afternoon, and I was working in the offices of DNB◉UNITED RECORDS when I noticed a pop-up notification on my monitor that Keeno was starting a live Facebook video from his home in Bristol, England. I was curious what was going on, so I tuned in. Keeno was live streaming the first of what became a series of five mix sessions shot live from Bristol. Bristol, if you are not familiar, is a town outside of London that is one of the most popular zip codes for emerging artists, as well as established artists like Portishead, Hugh Hardie and many others. When Hospital records live streamed their 300th podcast Tony Coleman a/k/a London Elektricity, hosted the event and asked recent transplant from the USA Ownglow who his neighbors were, the list of A list Drum + Bass artists named alone was impressive to say the least. Its a haven for other artists that are emerging and can't afford the high cost within Londons city codes. When I lived in London in the 1990's, my goal was to someday buy a property in London as a real-estate investment so that someday I could have a place to call home both in the UK and the USA. Bristol, even then, had a bohemian vibe to it. I had a couple of mates that lived there that were artists. They lived there because of its location and community of like minded artists.Now, like so many places that were a great place to live (including being affordable) Bristol has become more and more populated by those with the same interests, and is becoming more expensive. Once the words out everyone wants a place in the mix.Keeno has started the "Bristol sessions" and has made them available through live streaming from his modest flat available via Facebook and You Tube for free.I am all about supporting such efforts here at DNB◉UNITED.COM. When an artists that has had such a great year as Keeno has and decides to share his craft with the public by inviting them into his flat literally to share in his songs as well as promoting other artists as well for no cost well I will do my part by creating a post for DNB◉UNITED.COM and all our attached social media pages. This way I can get the sounds out to our many followers and hopefully help bring it to a new audience as well.Please support the artists by buying the release if you like what you hear. For all those DNB fans in the US that don't get the opportunity to travel to the motherland the "UK"to see your favorite artists buying their albums is a great way to get them to make the journey to the US.So thank you to Keeno and we look forward to your future sessions and supporting them. Cheers Jason Bakes aka BC⚡︎➒ Founder and CEO @DNB◉UNITED.COM & host of THE UNITED STATE OF DNB RADIO & TV.

Published on Jun 23, 2017

Keeno - Bristol Mix Sessions - Episode Five Keeno live from his home studio presents to you his first of many Bristol Mix Sessions. You can watch it live on Keeno's Facebook page every third Wednesday of the month from 6.30pm - 7.30pm.

Tracklist: ID - ID High Contrast - The Road Goes On Forever Total Science & FD - Found A Reason Why (Anile Remix) Keeno - Futurism (VIP) Nu:Logic - Somewhere Between The Light (ft. Child of Chief) London Elektricity - Billion Dollar Gravy Keeno - Land, Sea & Sky Technimatic - The Glow Keeno - Enigma SpectraSoul - Away With Me (ft. Tamara Blessa) (Calibre Remix) Bungle - Cocooned Keeno - Break The Silence Break - Who Got Da Funk Hugh Hardie - Dusty Keys Keeno - Moonrise (Woody Holds His Breath VIP) S.P.Y - Hammer In My Heart (ft. Diane Charlamagne) Keeno - Fading Fast Above & Beyond - Counting Down The Days (Keeno Remix) Phaction - Solar Meditation Ill Truth & Satl - In Your Soul (ft. Charli Brix) Keeno - Bleary-Eyed Netsky - Memory Lane Kove - Hurts (ft. Moko) (LSB Remix) Keeno - Green Flash Blu Mar Ten - Break It All Apart (ft. Agne Genyte) (Break Remix) Whiney - ID DJ Marky & S.P.Y - Yellow Shoes Keeno - Nocturne Frederic Robinson - We've Been (ft. Kordz)

Since settling into Bristol’s cultural hub Keeno has thrived. His latest project ‘Music For Orchestra: Drums & Bass’ fuses two worlds, pumping rich classical scores with an underground drum & bass heartbeat. The recording of live orchestral elements in four new tracks has propelled his distinctive repertoire to new heights, making an incredible follow-up to his sophomore album ‘Futurist'. Opening track ‘Enigma’ balances thick staccato strings, long drawn harmonics and weighty bass for full impact. Since Keeno took part in Enter Shikari’s ‘Hospitalised’ remix album frontman Rou Reynolds has been a big fan. He’s returned the favour with a vocal lead on ‘Shelter From The Storm’ where natural elements create an earthly atmosphere for this deep bassy roller. Turning to Keeno’s more dancefloor focused persona ‘Fading Fast’ mixes a heavy reverberating bassline with sharp breaths of strings to create a tension-building, powerful counterpart. Finally, the church-like vocals of ‘Insomnia Of An Anxious Mind’ echo the somber sounds of late night emotions - a satisfyingly moody alternative to Keeno’s usual uplifting magic. "Music for Orchestra: Drums & Bass is a collection of tunes inspired by my recent move to Bristol. I finally have a dedicated space to be creative and it's really transformed my music. I feel really proud of this bunch of tunes - they reflect my full range of classical styles and go off on the dancefloor. Thank you and enjoy!" - Keeno

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