☆ Love & Bass ♥ From warehouses to the Main-Stage Drum+Bass is here to stay ☆

DNB◉UNITED PRESENTS: LOVE & BASS "FROM THE WAREHOUSE TO THE MAIN STAGE" Hospital Returns To Let It Roll-It's that season again! Summertime DNB vibes are in the air, and on many stages to enjoy as the season of Love & Bass is upon us. Let It Roll is back to roll out its stage for the giants of DNB and for their fans to get down once again, with a huge line up sure to please all of those lucky enough to perform and attend. Hospital Records will be boasting a summer of many BBQ'S, large outdoor venues and more! They will be in the park, and after dark, fireworks and light shows will fill the skies to add to your overall experience. Prague’s almighty Let It Roll Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2017, which means more larger than life robots, astounding production, imaginative stage design and of course incredible drum & bass. Fun, sun and Love & Bass for all. Ahead of the weekend, we present a four-track EP, fired up and ready with exclusive tracks from S.P.Y and Krakota. Plus Keeno and Anile are representing the Med School squad, who’ll be bringing the deeper flavours at their stage takeovers at Let It Roll and Hospitality In The Park. Don't be surprised if you even see a Hospital hot air balloon. Want to get higher? then ask the good people @Hospitality for a ride to be able to see and hear it all from a view from above.Taking the total experience to new heights is whats its all about.With the evolution of dnb over the last decade the shows have gotten bigger and better with each year setting the bench mark a little higher. Fans can expect to be impressed with new levels of the audio visual experience growing more and more wicked as technology advances and each artists team eager to push the limits. Its a grand time to be both the performer and the fan dnb. DNB artists don't tend to do anything halfway. feeding off of each others energy the artist and the fans relationship is testing the limits of the new world order together and loving it. We are no longer in the basements of the underbelly of the cities limits. Not if we choose to go out in the daylight for a bass & bbq or the park after dark for a huge moonlight production. The point is we now have a choice. No need to hide our love for for for DNB in dark warehouses using several adresses with clues attached to gain entrance after a long journey with the fear that just at the point we are one with the music and about to peak a police squad assigned to "preserving the peace" could show up and arrest you and what was a wicked evening with your mates ends up in a jail cell followed by community service. That was the 1990's not a bad dream. No more worries! Its legal finally to fight for your right to party!!! After the news last year that a young man lost his life after overdosing on an illegal substance while attending a show at the well known Nightclub "Fabric"of London U.K. it took only a short while for the conservative voices to call for the mayors office to close Fabrics doors for evermore. This time the free thinking well organized adults of my age group started a worldwide petition to gather over 100k signatures to preserve the Nightclub as a historical cultural landmark.This would qualify the young mans actions as his own and not hold the club responsible.The man that died was ultimately responsible was the message held by the majority of voices who put their political cause into action and would become victorious.Fabric would be reopened and the mayor would also be recognized as a real part of the communities cause and voice not an empty suite. When people come together and organize for something they believe in bigger than them and don't give up the results can be incredible. Its worth noting that those within my age group from the 1990's that never gave up and wouldn't be silenced gave way to the a lot of the changes that are sometimes takin for granite today. The new generation has so much to be grateful for in the way they can experience the music they love so much without restrictions. Those results didn't come for free. It took a group effort using the the new platform of social media as one of the tools and never settling for the basements and warehouses when our music especially Jungle and Drum+Bass deserved to be on the MainStage and the fans deserved to be able to go out for a night without ended up being arrested ,fined and ultimately given humiliating punishments like community service for wanted to support the genre they loved.Community service was turned into community justice.Enjoy your summer of Love & Bass! Jason Bakes Founder -DNB◉UNITED RECORDS & DNB◉UNITED.COM .