Andy Skopes - Speechless EP

The first METHXX release of the year comes from Andy Skopes with his exquisite 'Speechless EP'. We're taken on a journey through Andy's musical brain, with diversions into the rugged breaks of 'Séance' and the aural paradise that is 'Heroin Wash', which are just two of four perfectly crafted pieces of drum and bass on offer. The atmosphere and energy across the EP is weighted perfectly, whilst every track almost sounds effortless in the way it's been put together, something that Andy has mastered and can now proudly show off.

Released September 1, 2017 on Metalheadz

Our second METHXX release of the year comes from US-based Adred who debuts on the label with a 6 track EP entitled 'Instant Everything'.

The lead track features the amazingly talented Robert Manos on vocals as Adred provides a complimentary backdrop in the form of 'Lazy Jungle'. Another 5 tracks complete the EP including '160 Breaks' with its charming subtleties, whilst there's a clear nod to the autonomic sound in 'Can Jam'.

Adred is already working on more music for Metalheadz, something which we're very excited about here at HQ.

Available September 8th/2017

After releasing two EPs on METHXX and one on Platinum, Friske now debuts on the Metalheadz main label with his ‘Second Chance EP’.

As ever, Friske proves successful in merging the light and the dark, with the 6 tracks that make up the EP all coming with gritty edges and soulful undertones. It’s something that has seen Friske build up his own sound, a sound that always goes down well with the Metalheadz faithful and one that seems to progress with every release.

Available here: Release date: 21 July 2017