Now available on both YouTube and Vimeo, "THE UNITED STATE OF DNB", DNB◉UNITED RECORDS monthly podcast, has grown in popularity since its inception when we launched in March 2015. The podcast is hosted by founder and artist Jason Bakes, a/k/a BC⚡︎➒. The monthly volume features the advance releases received at for review and promotion from DNB UNITED's affiliates Hospital, Med School, Ram, Viper, Invisible, Terminal, Methlab, Bad Taste, Otherside, Metalheadz Records...and the list keeps on growing. When I started publishing the show on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Tune-in, and Beatport, I didn't realize that it would be picked up and rebroadcast on radio stations like CITR 101.9 FM/, on Vancouver's "Late Night Show", hosted by DJ Rea every week. The fact that our listening audience grew to over 10k within the first 24 hours of publishing on Soundcloud alone, led me to set up video editions on our exclusive YouTube and Vimeo channels. With the list of drum + bass sub-genres getting longer, it became clear that our social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Google+ and Instagram are now being designed with original, driven content that is not just a echo of our main site, but is a product all its own. This evolution of the sound in drum + bass is casting a wider net and allowing new artists to be much more creative, with an ever changing genre that is much more inclusive than exclusive now than twenty-five years ago, at its humble beginning. New software has lead to a whole range of sounds as well as to unique opportunities for digital collaboration. Now artists in the US and in the UK can send tracks back and forth with the push of a button, and co-produce tracks that allows producers in the recording game to create a release that, not long ago, if you weren't in the same room (let alone country), it wouldn't have been possible. We are just now starting to see these new opportunities blow up with platforms like Splice which is an online bank of loops and samples that producers subscribe to on a monthly basis. This service includes the ability to post a track and have other artists from all over the world to "splice" the track, in order to add their own parts to the track; and now you have a global collaboration of endless possibilities! With all that is happening, I feel that we are in a sweet spot for music today. I am excited to be in the game, while also getting the chance to help celebrate the latest releases with "THE UNITED STATE OF DNB" Let's turn the clock back, and take some time to listen to the first podcast, followed by a more recent volume, in celebration and spirit of the incredible releases that have been cataloged in these three podcasts for your enjoyment. Please repost them and share the sounds. Cheers BC⚡︎➒ .

  1. 1.Ignite by Fred&Grafix 2.Crystal Skies byLogistics 3.Back to the street SPY (remix)byBcee 4.Comb Funk byFred & Grafix 5.If you knew by Scar 6.Jungle gone down (Kimyan Law Remix)byRoyalton & August storm 7.Buffalo (Dub Phizix Remix)byBasement Jaxx 8.Second Encounter by SPY 9.Dead Limit by Noise & The Upbeats 10.Terminus by Metric 11.Don’t Forget by Maduk

1)Siver Funk EP Tigris-Drumcatcher 2)Fre4nc Tradecraft 3)Eatbrain-War Bunker-Disphonia 5 4)Eatbrain-Hot aGlue feat. Neonlight 5 5)Hydro, War & Meteba -Clair Obscur 6) D4nc3-Chris S.U. 7) Red Pill-1234-Invisible 8) The Orchard Project-Scar Renegade kicks Metalheadz 9) Delta Heavy Kill Room Ram 10) The Prodigy The Day is my enemy Ram 11) Hamilton Bounce Ram

  1. 1. Maduk- Got Me Thinking - Never Give Up- Hospital Records 2. Netsky- Drawing Straws - Hospital Records 3. Netsky- Love Is Gone- Hospital Records 4. High Contrast- So Confused- Hospital Mix 5. High Contrast- Calling My Name- Hospitality 2016 6. Logistics- Cold Light Of Day- Electric Sun- Hospital Records 7. Fred V & Grafix- Ultravoilet- Hospital Records 8. Etherwood- Falling Out Of Consciousness (Keeno Remix)- Ten Years of Med School- Med School Records 9. Urban Dawn & Bungle- Sacred Floor- Future Sound of Brazil 10. Metric- Terminus- Hospitality 2016 11. BC9- Vandergrift- DNB◉UNITED RECORDS 12. Keen- Nocturne (Frederic Robinson Remix) Ten Years of Med School- Med School Records