Happy Labor Day to all of our listeners tuning in from the United States today! Just dropped & smoking hot is BC⚡︎➒’s THE UNITED STATE OF DNB V-14. Also, a shout out to all our listeners tuning in outside the US @tunein Radio Worldwide. DJ Rea & MC JHUSSLE @dnbunitedrecords_la...Big ups & put your W’S Up...MC JHUSSLE is representing the West with the best in DNB! The summer of 2017 has been a great one for drum + bass fans worldwide. With more festivals every year focusing exclusively on the genre we love, Drum + Bass, there are now more and more live mixes available. If you weren't lucky enough to attend "Let It Roll" or Hospitality's big events, there are official releases of the events in high quality for streaming or for purchase. Keeping up with the latest releases from all of the labels is one of the things I have the luxury of focusing on, since I receive them in advance before their official public release date for review. Producing DNB United's monthly podcast "THE UNITED STATE OF DNB" has been both a challenge, and rewarding. We have also received exclusive guest mixes from some of the worlds biggest and best drum + bass artists, as well as the emerging artists making their bones on the way up from the underground scene. Both have something special to offer, and as long as the music is high quality I will feature it and promote it through all the platforms available to me. We recently launched our brand new YouTube channel. Now DNB◉UNITED RECORDS has over six social media pages that we post original content on gives our readers a wider variety of content to choose from. Jason Bakes

Rock The Boat -Roni Size Crash Dive-Black Sun Empire I Adore You- ULT. Motive & Total Science Elmhurst Dub-Breakage Blind Eyes-Ft Inja- Hugh Hardie & Whiney Jungle Jungle-Bladerunner Parallel Ft Zara Kershaw- Technimatic Glimpse-ft Fable-InsideInfo The night is still young Ft Blake- Ownglow Vandergrift -( Sub Tronic Hero)-BC#9 Cloudless-Ft Elsa Esmerelda Urbandawn All tracks remixed by BC#9.

Plat Numb Night Crawler

This track was released in 2014 from my debut Drum&Bass album Aquasonica. Aquasonica was the second most reviewed dnb album of 2014 @ I love atmospheric or liquid drum and bass with a passion. At a time when drum&bass releases started to become very commercial and very predictable, I wanted to release a different kind of album. An album that crossed over genre lines of 2014 into a more classic approach. The result was successful both professionally and personally. Following the release of Aquasonica, I was signed to three record labels in the use and two in the UK. Since that release, I have been pumping out a lot of music and producing other artists as well. Recently Kenny Franklind aka TinSpider who is the create legend that has created and produced almost every artist's video on Hospital & Med School Records has befriended me on Vimeo. I have always been a huge fan and inspired by his catalog of visual art. His latest work included a video for every song on London Elektricity’s latest release “Are we there yet”Instead of that old school MTV narrative music video approach he has chosen to go much more ambient. Using his grandfather's old reels of super 8 footage he has combined the footage, music, and his imagination to create some truly inspiring works of visual experiences. Those videos have inspired me to start working on that visual medium myself. I have now created 4 videos so far from my back catalog. The most current is Plat numb night crawler. I hope you enjoy it. Also big props to Equiloud for providing the free VJ clips. ☆ DJ♤BC№9☆Now our DNB videos on Vimeo are available for high quailty video from BC#9's catalog. With the recent launch of our new Youtube channel DNB United has been able to continue to offer more choices on each platform. Creating orinignal content that offers something specific to our Vimeo channel and You-tube has always been the goal as we take our audio podcasts to a visual expirience.