BMotion - Passenger

One of the most talented up-and-coming names in drum & bass, BMotion is back with an energetic, 8-bit infused tune that is ready for dancefloors everywhere. Bringing a unique euphoria to drum & bass, ‘Passenger’ is certainly a turning point in the aspiring producer’s career, and a reminder as to why Futurebound actively sought him out to join the Viper family in 2014. Following the massive success of his recent remix of Moby’s ‘A Simple Love’ (with a quarter million streams in its first two weeks), ‘Passenger’ is a gleaming example of the signature sound BMotion is forging for himself. Not only does BMotion deliver drops that will make you scream, but he understands the art of the build-up as well, giving us a tune that controls the room from start to finish.

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Released September 8, 2017 on Viper Recordings