The Upbeats Re-Evolution 2017 / Vision Recordings 5 Stars ☆☆☆☆☆

The Upbeats are back with Re-Evolution in a series of releases that continue to amaze and boggle the mind of this Drum+Bass lover. Just the title itself tells you that the evolution of sound that the Upbeats have consistently delivered in their ongoing series pulls the listener in like a great novel that is hard to put down. I will be so bold as to say that this release serves as a real benchmark that all other Neuro-funk style Drum+Bass artists should shoot for. Yes, its that good! Re-mixes starting with Dungeon, remixed by Malux (to Rockwell's Babylon remix) hits you right in the gut -POW! Just like a old Batman comic during the fight scenes "BOOM, POW AND CRACK!" This shit kicks ass. I often take the advance copy sent to me from Vision and pop it in the decks in my high performance whip and head out onto the highway late at night to road test the album. Just me, the moon, the music and 450 horsepower of pure Drum+Bass. I rate the release based on a few factors. The tracks production quality , the tracks musical quality and the way each song makes me feel or the emotional connection. Also if its an entire album of remixes I judge if the artist only used a few original stems and truly created his or her own new track. Big points in creating a brand new production. I dislike remixes that sound very close to the original. If I wanted to hear the original I would just listen to it. The Upbeats have never let me down when it comes to keeping it fresh, crisp and keeping their integrity while paying tribute to the original artist.So stay tuned for September 15th when this baby drops it will be well worth the wait.Jason Bakes Founder of DNB◉UNITED RECORDS & THE UNITED STATE OF DNB RADIO & TV. Vision Recordings invites you to download an exclusive copy of 'Re-Evolution' including remixes by Rockwell, Black Sun Empire, Emperor, Agressor Bunx, Annix, Malux and Memtrix.Out Friday September 15th on all digital platforms.

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