Anodyne Industries Out 21St October Locked Concept / Canberra, Australia

Beautiful, haunting electronic textures fill the tracks with rich layered soundscapes of colorful, industrial, atmospheric sounds that will lift and engage you. Giant syncopated beats all fall into place perfectly. This is a sound that pulls you in while it grows. Within its composition, it is clear to me that these tracks were produced with a lot of emotion and attention to detail. Giving each sound its own area to breathe and be heard. This technique is one That i appreciate, because it takes time and effort, that in the end gives the listener the very best audio experience. For those who allow themselves the opportunity to put a set of headphones on, and let the music take them on a journey to someplace new, they will not be disappointed. I will be anticipating more from Anodyne Industries in the future. Without a doubt, this is just the beginning of an evolution of sound that will continue to mature with what comes next. With that in mind, I am also including a guest mix, for those that want to continue the trip as I did. Lastly, I would also recommend road testing this mix after midnight. Nothing sounds better than hearing it in your whip after the rest of the world is asleep. At night, when the moon is bright, the music is mine. May the road rise with you. Jason Bakes founder -DNBUNITED.COM / DNB

With LCKD012, Lockjaw's boutique and quietly pioneering imprint introduces the experimental, IDM-tinged sounds of ANODYNE INDUSTRIES to the label catalogue. With this finely crafted pair of tracks, AI weave between fields both melodic and concisely penetrative - designed for the conscious dancefloor. TEARS GLITTER LIKE BROKEN GLASS is carried nostalgic plucked synths that bathe the aural canals in the hazy glow of a distant dystopia and a rolling autonomic attitude that rides on a cushion of fresh and airy bass. THE ALTAR. HIDEOUS AND BEAUTIFUL is cut from a different kind of cloth, with an overwhelmingly sinister but playful attitude bleeding from its synths, locked into an unusual buy highly effective syncopation with high effectiveness in making the dance ill. Locked Concept stakes an increasingly firmer claim to being one of Australia's most forward-looking electronica labels, with its ruthlessly diverse but exquisitely-crafted output consistently surprising and beguiling. LCKD012 represents the latest in a line of distinctive cuts for the discerning listener.

Locked Concept is a music and visual arts label.Locked Concept is a label co-founded by drum and bass artist Lockjaw and close friends. It is a platform to enable creative control and ensure a high quality marriage of visual and auditory art forms.Locked Concept explores the deeper side of music with a focus on "listening" music over the ability to make one dance. On the visual side of things, the label features local visual artists who focus on a variety of different mediums to convey their feelings about the music featured on the label.

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