It’s time for America and the UK to bridge the pond that separates them with an awards event that shines a light on both drum+bass and the artists who create the music that we love so much. DNB is now more global than ever, and it’s time to lend a voice to all the DJs and artists, as well as the regions they hail from. The Future Sound of DNB had a series on vinyl that was released in the late nineties that showcased the emerging artists as well as the countries represented. Fast forward to 2016 and Hospital Records re-started the series, introducing such groundbreaking newcomers as Ownglow on The Future Sound of America. Ownglow was signed to DNB empire Hospital Records after submitting a three track demo. Following Ownglow being signed, he relocated to Bristol and applied for an extended visa in order to start work on what would become his first major release in 2017, “Inside The Silence”, featuring “Angels Sing”. I guess you weren’t in Phoenix anymore! Phoenix,Arizona is where Ownglow had been living with his family when he started creating DNB. Receiving notice that Hospital was interested in his sound, he packed a backpack and climbed onto a plane. Next stop-Heathrow airport. You can see the interview between Hospitals co-founder Chris Goss and Ownglow as he expresses how he was first heard outside of the US on the The Future Sound of North America release. Following this was The Future Sound Of Canada. There was a great force of energy caused by Hospital Records after releasing such an array of top-notch, emerging DNB artists from different countries rather than just the usual suspects from London and its surrounding towns, such as Bristol, Brixton and The Docks. These releases loudly established that DNB was here to stay, and that it was spreading across the globe like wild fire at 174 BPM. Soon after the release of The Future Sound Of Brazil, I launched DNB◉UNITED RECORDS, which was in March of 2015. Soon followed by THE UNITED STATE OF DNB RADIO, and the supporting website DNBUNITED.COM. I had no idea that it would grow as fast as it did, or that it would become as important in respect to bridging the gap between the two most active countries in the evolving sound of DNB, Jungle and all of its other sub genres. Being on both sides of the pond gives you a wider view of what is happening regarding how the sound is truly evolving and just how many more collaborations are taking place, allowing artists to release much more than ever possible before. Now, tracks can be shared over the internet, and albums can be released without collaborating artists ever being in the same studio, let alone the same zip code. There is great DNB coming out of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and beyond by artists like Maduk, NCT and Tee & Sugah. Also, with Mauk as the co founder of Lquicity theres a lot of Liquid DNB pouring out of smoky coffee houses and clubs, where Techno had been king for a long time. When I started seeing and hearing DNB evolving so far, I knew as a DNB artist myself that there needed to be a website, label and podcast that focused on the growing genre, in order for the public worldwide to make it possible to hear the many sub-genres all in one place. I wrote to many of the top DNB labels, and explained that I wanted to feature all the labels, with all their artists, on one website and podcast. I would conduct interviews, review advance releases and preview the music on my monthly podcast. This way the fans would have a way to hear all the artists in a way that would have been limited before, because most sites are focused on their artists alone. As an artist, when I allowed myself to listen to a wide range of DNB, I became much more well rounded in my own approach. So, I will leave you till next time with the mission statement for DNB United...DNB United is a community of industry professionals who donate their time to celebrate the evolving sound and culture of Drum+bass and Jungle. BC⚡︎➒ From the blog Diary of a Drum+bass Producer.This year im casting my vote for best newcomer to MC-JHUSSL. CYNICAL HUSSLE is Cynical Rude Boy & MC-JHUSSL of DNB◉UNITED RECORDS. J-huss represents DNBUNITED.COM's La office and is currently busy finishing her latest release with her co producer Rude boy. We are all very excited and supportive of hearing great things from this dynamic duo of all things drum+bass & jungle to the core.Here is an exclusive sample of whats to come.Jason Bakes / BC⚡︎➒

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Diane Charlemagne

2015 Inductee

Diane Charlemagne began her career as the lead singer of 1980s funk band, 52nd Street, later going on to front the Urban Cookie Collective with whom she achieved 2 UK Top 10 hits in the 90s.

Charlemagne provided the vocal for Goldie’s “Inner City Life” in ’95 and for many she was the first voice of jungle and one of the scene’s most celebrated vocalists, also working with the likes of High Contrast. S.P.Y, Netsky and more.

One of the scene’s truest voices and down to earth individuals, she understood the cause and encouraged the best out of everyone who worked with her, right up until her tragic death in October of 2015.

Her music will ensure she will never be forgotten, and for her immense contribution to music we were honoured to pay our own special tribute to Diane and her family by inducting her into our Hall Of Fame.

Its that time again. Cast your vote for the best in Drum+Bass from artists, producers, websites and more. Just simply click the above photo and make your voice and vote count. It’s going to be a big one: this year has seen a groundswell of changes as the genre appears to have returned to its underground melting pot roots. There’s been a lot less commercial chart-chasing and a lot more boundary bashing as artists across the scene have been collaborating and cross-pollinating more than in previous years. And that’s before we get to some of the incredible parties and festivals we’ve experienced this year. Whoever you vote for, the results are going to be really interesting this year.The ceremony itself will be held at Brixton Electric on December 5 and will once again provide a unique moment for fans, artists and industry to get together on a night off, kick back and enjoy the music that defines, soundtracks and supercharges our lives. The event will include tributes to three significant losses the scene has suffered this year Marcus Intalex, Dominator and Apex and will be hosted by Jenna G and Foreign Beggar Pav. The event will also feature a range of live acts and DJs and, once the trophies have been handed out, will turn into a dirty old rave until late (standard) You can get your tickets here.In the meantime, let’s vote. The first round of the Drum&BassArena Awards 2017 votes are open until October 23. Once the votes have been counted, a second round of voting will commence for the top 10 nominations in each category. As always, the Drum&BassArena Awards are 100% voted for by the real life drum & bass loving public. If you don’t pledge your support now, you can’t complain when the votes are in.