DNB◉UNITED RECORDS was born and created to celebrate the art, culture and evolving sound of all DNB. Located in the United States and The United Kingdom. It seems that our philosophy is now being shared by Spotify with a multi-label effort to bring exciting new Drum + Bass playlists to Spotify on a weekly basis. In short, life just got better! DNB United has been an enthusiastic participant in its goal to provide a destination for promotion of these new opportunities, both with their label and website support. DNB United Records, dnbunited.com, and The United State of Drum and Bass Podcast were launched worldwide on March 16, 2016 by founder and CEO Jason Bakes, a/k/a/ DNB artist and producer BC#9. Jason specifically designed the website to create an institution in which all of the DNB genres, artists, labels and industry professionals could come together in order to celebrate the art, culture, and evolving sound of Drum and Bass. DNB United is one of the only websites that has almost all of the major and underground DNB labels and artists submitting their advanced releases for critical review and promotion. It’s time for America and the UK to bridge the pond that separates them with an awards event that shines a light on both drum+bass and the artists who create the music that we love so much.

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With new institutions such as The MethLab Agency, who are pushing the limits with both the audio and visual aspects of Neurofunk DNB. Jef and the staff at MethLab Agency are taking the time to bring DNB to the next level, along with a new and exciting way of viewing it. The visual aspects that the MethLab team incorporate haven't gone unnoticed by the fans and the institutions that celebrate DNB. Last year, they were awarded Best New Label at the 2016 DNB awards. DNB United Records and MethLab started around the same time, and like all the labels we work with, are in a peer-based group of industry professionals that truly do what they do for the absolute love of the genre of drum + bass. DNB saved my life, and giving back is the best way of honoring that sentiment. There is now a platforn for Neurofunk, which is a specific DNB sub-genre, now more global than ever before, and it’s time to lend a voice to all the DJs, artists and labels as well as the regions they hail from. Whether its Perth, Georgia or the Czech Republic, drum and bass is blowing up, and is being groomed with love and attention by new venues and festivals to celebrate it like never before. We have come out of the secret spots of the 90's, when we used to host our events after the rest of the town was asleep. When they tried to shut down Fabric nightclub in the UK after a patron overdosed and died this past year we said no. This became a watershed moment for the DNB movement worldwide, when those of us with a platform gave voice to the many by promoting the signing of a petition, which led to the mayor and city council taking a second look...when they heard the voice of over one hundred thousand drum and bass supporters saying fuck no! It was a combined effort by those of us with a large online following that set a new standard and showed up for the debate. We came together, sounding the sirens of change in our backyards and starting to think global, while acting local. So I offer big ups to all who have given their time and skills to standing tall when they try to shut drum and bass down. We are professionals who are your neighbors, parents, doctors, city officials, artists, producers, writers, and in my fiancee’s case, even mental health professionals as well. We have chosen a specific genre within a giant genre of electronic music that we feel is superior. We donate our time to bring it to you and we march to the beat of a different drum @174 Bpm.

Soon after the release of The Future Sound Of Brazil, I launched DNB◉UNITED RECORDS, which was in March of 2016. Then followed by THE UNITED STATE OF DNB RADIO, and the supporting website DNBUNITED.COM. I had no idea that it would grow as fast as it did, or that it would become as important in its effort l to bridge the gap between the two most active countries in the evolving sound of DNB, Jungle and all of its other sub genres. Being on both sides of the pond gives you a wider view of what is happening regarding how the sound is truly evolving and just how many more collaborations are taking place, allowing artists to release much more than ever possible. Now, tracks can be shared over the internet, and albums can be released without collaborating artists ever being in the same studio, let alone the same zip code. There is great DNB coming out of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and beyond by artists like Maduk, NCT and Tee & Sugah.Listen to this exclusive guest mix from Tee & Suagah for THE UNITED STATE OF DNB .

Also, with Maduk as the cofounder of Liquicity, there’s a lot of Liquid DNB pouring out of smoky coffee houses and clubs, where Techno had been king for a long time. When I started seeing and hearing DNB evolving, I knew as a DNB artist myself that there needed to be a website, label and podcast that focused on the growing genre, in order to make it possible for the public worldwide to hear the many sub-genres, all in one place. I wrote to many of the top DNB labels, and explained that I wanted to feature all of the labels, with all of their artists, on one website and podcast. I would conduct interviews, review advance releases and preview the music on my monthly podcast. This way the fans would have a way to hear all of the artists in a way that would have been limited before, because most sites are focused on their artists alone. As an artist, when I allowed myself to listen to a wide range of DNB, I became much more well rounded in my own approach.So, I will leave you till next time with the mission statement for DNB United...DNB United is a community of industry professionals who donate their time to celebrate the evolving sound and culture of Drum+bass and Jungle. We can now look forward to another destination to hear great drum + bass with Spotify multi genre based drum + bass playlists! Just click on the above photo to stream the latest Spotify drum and bass playlist. Enjoy the first and a more recent of DNB United's podcasts THE UNITED STATE OF DNB below hosted by BC⚡︎➒. Just click Maduk's never give up album cover for the entire interview and story. MADUK - NEVER GIVE UP- EXCLUSIVE 2016 INTERVIEW FROM THE DNB VAULT - ALBUM REVIEW / THE UNITED STATE OF DNB PODCAST - BC⚡︎➒.


I ❤️️ DRUM & BASS represents an unprecedented act of unity and a coming together of Drum & Bass labels from all over the world. An acknowledgement of the genre’s diversity and multifaceted strengths by creating a definitive musical resource, a constantly updated playlist from all the scenes label’s and artists.

Spanning all sub-genres and being inclusive of all participating labels and artists ranging from RAM, Hospital, Technique, Viper, Breakbeat Kaos, Formation & Playaz’s, Liquicity, Eatbrain, Exit and Critical.. and that’s just for starters!

The concept emerged in October 2017 on a special message board originally set up to celebrate Grooverider’s birthday, with DJ Fresh sparking a conversation about the importance of adapting to and embracing streaming platforms. This line of thinking inspired Simon Bassline Smith to come up with the concept of a definitive drum & bass playlist for everyone’s music to feature on as soon as it’s released. A playlist with all forms of drum & bass from across the globe, self-organised by the scene itself and curated by the labels, with each label picking 1 track per week to be included.

A project with no political or corporate agenda, that exists purely to provide a home for the sounds of this global movement. A place where fans of the genre can explore the diverse sonic landscape of the music they love, or for those who want to explore the genre to immediately have access to the full spectrum. Without the bias of major label ownership and curation.

Driven by the strength of the idea, soon a core following of Dan (DJ Fresh), Simon Bassline Smith, Mickey Finn, Grooverider, Brendan Futurebound and DJ SS excitedly invited label heads from all over the world into a telegram chat room and I ❤️️ Drum & Bass was born.

Hundreds of players and labels have come together and committed to the concept from across the scene to bring you a place where the latest music is added daily by all the labels and artists you love. Including long-running institutions, hype and fresh labels and also niche imprints. Even unsigned releases and Drum & Bass releases from outside the traditional Drum & Bass labels are represented.

I ❤️️ Drum & Bass represents an evolving attitude in one of the most consistent and present genres of club music, bringing a new unity and energy to the table that’s set to invigorate the genre and inspire the world of music.

We need your help to spread the word. So please get on Facebook / Twitter/ Instagram / Snapchat and help us spread the message #I❤️️Drum&BassOnSpotify