Keeno - All The Shimmering Things

Keeno - All The Shimmering Things

Another great release from Med Schools very own Keeno.This album has a full range of classic and modern Drum + Bass musical melodies sure to satisfy .Also Keeno delivers episode 9 in his much anticipated "Bristol mix sessions"including fresh new cuts from his latest effort.

Keeno's third full length album, 'All The Shimmering Things', is a gorgeous body of work that truly transcends the dancefloor, offering maturity and depth far beyond his years. Click photo below to buy / stream.

From the majestic flutterings of 'Light Cascading' to the breathtaking euphoria of ‘Cosmic Creeper’, the album elevates into a world of brilliantly constructed sonics, arrangements and melodies, seemlessly crafted with care and precision. The journey is made complete by guest vocalists Becca Jane Grey, Abbie Rose and Kailaa, whose exquisite lyrics perfectly fuse the album's themes with notable sophistication. Such a finely balanced combination creates a collection that is guaranteed to charm loyal fans and new comers alike. Keeno's debut album 'Life Cycle' turned drum & bass on its head with its fresh approach to compositon and instrumentation, receiving universal praise from fans and artists across drum & bass and beyond. This pinnacle moment was the start of a continuous rise for Keeno, leading him to take his music from UK festival stages to club shows in Australia and New Zealand. 'All The Shimmering Things' expands and improves on everything that we love about Keeno's music and is sure to be one of the finest drum & bass albums in 2017. Just click the photo above for more info and to buy / stream.

Released November 3, 2017 on Med School Music