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Pairing one of Austria's brightest up and coming producers - BOWSAR - to one of the most intriguing and rapidly establishing labels from the same country - IN:DEEP - with the ORACLE EP, the 5 tracks issued on this compelling slab of intelligently designed EP deliver a truly impactful manoeuver for genre fans. Title track ORACLE opens with undulating soft waves of digitally aged, alluring dub pads and filtered stabs that break into stripped and effective percussion riding on a tide of minimally stated bass. PARSEC dives deep with its bassline with an attitude that's designed to lock heads down whilst delivered directed kinetic energy through the pure tightness of its kick and snare. Deftly displaying a distinct sensibility of a spacious but succinct sonic environment. VAKUUM pursues a path of subtle insistence with depth and a restrained aesthetic that retains a driven edge throughout - a tune wired through with future funk and a sensitivity to perfectly timed pattern evolution. TRANSMISSION unleashes a chain of pulsing filtered bass frequencies against a sci-fi ambience that elicits high technology, whilst THE SOURCE sees Bowsar deliver a low-key, sultry stepper with one of DnB's leading MC's KRYPTOMEDIC. With the Oracle EP, IN:DEEP demonstrate effectively why they're widely regarded as one of the most promising rising labels in deep drum & bass. Bowsar delivers a compact and carefully tailored package of depth charges that carry delicately balanced but poignant weight; a tightly packed and deliciously deep package of sleek tunes for the discerning raver.