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Nothing makes me happier than when I hear one of my favorite labels is taking part in re-mastering they're catalogs best releases to bring the listening quality up to date. So many of those vintage DNB releases that paved the way for much of what you hear today was for much too long sitting in someones crates full of dusty vinyl. The really great original releases would stand up against anything you hear today for sure and if you just a quality version of the same tracks it would be a reality check for many within the younger audience. As far as those of us who were there the first time around we get to enjoy it all over again plus the old school memories that drive with the sound of the first song dropping has us original bad boys picking out the order of the songs on the first side telling whoever will be impressed that the first side opened with Digital and side two started with Elysian Fields...Proving that we were with the first group that discover music, electricity and the wheel lol When I tell my thirteen old son while im driving him somewhere in the car and a song from my youth come on the audio system I say yo when that song came out I was ...and he will interrupt like clockwork and say I know you were fourteen and it was the summer when cassette first came outing you swore they wouldn't last and nothing can beat the package, sound quality and replace the experience of going to the record store to meet other hipsters that loved music. I will turn to my fiancé and say these kids today ...then I realize I just became my father in that moment. Wow im going to be fifty years old in two months and nothing could make me happier than Metalheadz re-releasing yet another pure gold re-mastered soundtrack from my glory days when I was the one riding in the back seat instead of driving and I was young enough to think I knew everything and my parents weren't cool enough to understand the music I was listening to. Well its that time for the release of FULL METAL JACKET! Featuring the whole gang of DNB stars that brought me to the dance in 1996.Availiable 12/01/2017

Jason Bakes founder DNB United Records

1. Doc Scott - Drumz 95 (Nasty Habits Remix) (2015 Remaster)

2. Rufige Kru - V.I.P. Riders Ghost (2017 Remaster)

3. Dillinja - The Angels Fell (2015 Remaster)

4. J Majik - Your Sound (2017 Remaster)

5. Photek - Consciousness (2015 Remaster)

6. Hidden Agenda - Is It Love (2017 Remaster)

7. Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction (2015 Remaster)

8. Lemon D - Urban Style Music (2017 Remaster)

9. Digital - Down Under (2017 Remaster)

10. Rufige Kru - Dark Metal (2017 Remaster)

11. Peshay - Psychosis (2017 Remaster)

12. Doc Scott - Far Away (2015 Remaster)

13. Hidden Agenda - The Flute Tune (2015 Remaster)

14. Wax Doctor - The Spectrum (2015 Remaster)

15. Lemon D - In My Life (2017 Remaster)

16. Source Direct - A Made Up Sound (2017 Remaster)

17. Asylum - Da Base II Dark (2017 Remaster)

18. Peshay - The Nocturnal (Back On The Firm) (2017 Remaster)

Catch an exclusive interview with Goldie on DJ Stretch's show on Marking 20 years of Metalheadz..I'll be playing some of the early classic's from the legendary Metalheadz label and hear what Mr Goldie had to say about music, life, art, influences and the 20 years journey of MetalHeadz.

Excuses some of the early mixes had to battle and deal with the gremlins.....All live and about the beats!!

Here is the playlist for DJ Stretch 20 YEARS OF METALHEADZ (with exclusive GOLDIE interview) courtesy of @10Inchpress

Dubplate - VIP DJ Peshay - Represent Doc Scott - Far Away Alec Reece - Basic Principles (Remix) Alex - I need your Love Wax Doctor - Kid Caprice Doc Scott - Blue Skies DJ Peshay- Psychosis J Majik - The Spell Hidden Agenda - On The Roof Rufige Kru - Crisp Biscuit Manix - Exclusive Dubplate ** Stretch & Goldie Interview ** Metalheadz Inner city Life (Nookie remix) Doc Scott - It's Yours Rufige Kru - This is a Baad (Sourc...