On his incendiary debut EP RAE has his focus set across the globe, splicing Jamaican clash culture with the kind of thunderous drum & bass that could only come from the UK. Kingston Bass, out next month on Audio Danger Records, sees old-school reeses lock horns with spaceship basslines across four crisp tracks which roll back years as well as pick up air miles on their way to the dancefloor. Hailing from Cambridge – the city that spawned d&b heavy weights Logistics and Commix – RAE started mixing vinyl some 15 years ago, before first trying his hand at production five years later. And after a decade spent getting to know the studio, honing his sound and sharpening his skills, The very first release off the RAE production line is finally here in the shape of Kingston Bass. Having experimented with everything from liquid to jump up, it is safe to say that RAE does not discriminate, taking inspiration from sounds across the drum & bass spectrum. For Kingston Bass the producer set himself the task of working up an old-school bassheavy record with cutting-edge techniques and an unmistakeable Jamaican edge, and every box has been ticked. With faders set to stun, ‘Good Body Gal’ sails closest to Kingston with its Caribbean swagger and vocals before exploding into life as a growling industrial earthshaker. This winning formula pops up again on ‘Hands Up’, where menacing half-time gets things underway before laser-beam basslines take control. A neck-snapping middle section ramps up the pressure before another max-power bass drop. Elsewhere, things are a little less chaotic – ‘Mad Ting’ is a certified weapon, its wobbling bassline twisting over amen-flavoured drums for a deeper, less abrasive cut. Meanwhile ‘Fireface’ is tough as old boots, a meaty slice of old-school d&b where gruff bass tone calls are answered by a heavy reese response. RAE says he normally steps into the studio knowing exactly what he wants to make, but things don’t always end up the way he first imagined them. For him, creating a sound or finding a great sample can form the basis for a whole track, or radically change the direction of one which is almost finished, leaving the finished article sounding completely alien compared to its first idea. The EP is out next month, dropping exclusively on Juno for a week on 06/11/2017 before a full release on 13/11/2017. It is being put out by London-based label Audio Danger Records, a lynchpin of the underground scene and an imprint which has been on the up and up ever since its launch in 2010, picking up support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, 1 Xtra and Kiss FM.Out today @Junodownload Just click above photo to buy / stream.

Kjubi & Amon Bay - Home (Boundless Beatz)

Since releasing a couple of single tracks, remixes and EP's for the low-frequency-enthusiasts during the last couple of months on different labels(Alphacut, Blackhill Production and Break The Surface), Kjubi teamed up with long time companion and vocalist Amon Bay for their debut single on Boundless Beatz. "Home" combines serious dancefloor vibes and elegant composing with a meaningful message. With "Can't Wake You Up" Kjubi provides stompy rhythms, dangerous sub and self recorded jazz elements in combination with lyrical genius Amon Bay. Beeing functional on the dancefloors as well as open for the needs of listeners, these 2 tracks create a warm and stunning summer breeze feeling in early autumn.

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Plasma 020 - Safire - Distant Light EP - [ Release Date - 13th Nov 2017 ]

▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ Plasma Audio mark their 20th release with a solo EP titled ‘Distant light' from label founder, Safire. The EP compiles of two dnb and three half time tracks exploring moments in time that venture through deep soundscapes, distorted baselines, hip hop inspired beats & technical production. The EP depicts various styles which the label has grown to be known for.

Conceptual & artistic is the theme while each track has meaning intertwined into its design - from dark to light experiences to political messages, the EP has a rich flavour and will have you feeling the music more than banging your head, with some exception as one or two of the tracks have a remarkable energy that is sure to hurt any dance floor. Artwork for the release has been hand drawn by Japanese designer Nene of QQQ, full release due out 13th of November 2017.Just click above photo to buy / stream.

2 X Vinyl EP as AR Audio celebrates two years in the game and the fifth release. Exposure presents a special collaboration EP from production duo Revaux and solo artist Melinki. While Melinki has been making the rounds on for some time, Revaux are relatively new to fray, and the results of the Totem EP speak volumes. Out Now.