Koven - With You / Viper Recordings

One of bass music's most dynamic duo's, Koven are gearing up to release their next single, ‘With You’, hot on the heels of their last release on Viper, the highly acclaimed ‘Figure’.

With an opening that will surely send shivers down your spine, eerie production pairs with hair-raising vocals to highlight the duo’s darker side in a most ominous way. The elegance of the intro is quickly destroyed with an immense, powerhouse drop that blows everything you thought you knew about Koven out of the water.

Raw guitar riffs protrude out amidst the chaos, once again highlighting Koven’s unique talent of combining the organic & electronic world. Katie’s vocals carry a palpably haunting vibe, speaking volumes to her talents as a songstress with every note.

Reminding us once again why Koven are such a well-loved name in the scene, Viper are proud to present this stunning example of their diverse and widely respected talent.Just click above photo to buy or stream.

**Look out for the Koven ‘Retrospective’ compilation in 2018**