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MethLab Recordings present the sixth installment of the ongoing BNKR series, a sequence of releases designed to explore the depths of tectonic bass movements in multiple genres. Each EP so far has occupied a distinct niche in the sonic spectrum in both tone and feeling, from the depth and hard-hitting weight of Disprove's 'Oppression' EP, the experimentation and genre crossover of DR's 'Epoch' EP and the dystopian juxtaposition of fragility and heaviness in Hydro's 'Ethos' EP. With BNKR006, ACID LAB (feat. Elusive Elements & Clima) delivers a unique splice of drum and bass and dub techno, with the dnb tempo de

livering the verdant reverb-washed bliss of a cold and beautiful horizon, the elevated dawn of a forgotten future.

Just click above photo to buy or stream.Artist // Acid Lab (feat. Elusive Elements & Clima)Release // Evora EPLabel // BNKR (MethLab)Release Dates // Inner Core : 22.12.17Youtube // Streaming : 16.01.18Bandcamp : 23.01.18Worldwide : 25.01.18

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Unveiling the artwork for Audeka's full 7 track ENGINE BLOCK EP (visual designed by JAG77/Greenaway & Greenaway) - which is set for worldwide release on MethLab Recordings on 01 // 02 // 18. We hope that you're enjoying the first couple of tracks released from this last week, a new minimix of the EP is up on the MethLab soundcloud and further audio previews will arrive in January. We're accepting European tour dates for live shows around the EP - get in touch with MethLab for enquiries. Dark Energy // Direct Injection from the EP are out as an advance single now - get it at all good stores //Stay tuned for more...

Presenting the carefully crafted live mixes of 12 of our finest resident algorithm squad. You can expect to see these ill selectors at parties around Europe, with many of them running their own successful and especially sick events with proper vibes.

MethLab Resident crew are the guys we rely on to give the MethLab production roster the kind of backing they deserve. The kinds of djs who both understand what it truly means to warm up (and set the vibe, context and feeling of an event without just smashing things up) but also who can take center stage and deliver monumentally smashing sets. Representatives of the freshest MethLab label material, and skilled djs... these guys are our family.