Today is Drum+Bass United Records four year anniversary ! We are kicking things off with exclusive guest mixes created (by invitation) from some of our favorite DNB artists who were kind enough to give back to dnbunited.com’s monthly podcast THE UNITED STATE OF DNB by submitting an exclusive mix to help take part in our special day. DNB◉UNITED RECORDS & THE UNITED STATE OF DNB will be celebrating our two year anniversary on April 5th/ 2019.​This will mark the date we put into motion our simple plan of creating a space where we could bring like-minded people together to celebrate the art, culture and evolving sound of DNB.

01. “Hold your Colours”. (Noisia Remix) - Pendulum 02. “Restless” (Joe Ford Remix) - Rawtekk 03. “Earthquake” Cod3x 04. “The Sirens” Mefjus 05. “Broken Pieces - ft Nihils” (Culture Shock Remix) - Camo & Krooked 06. “Lotus Flower” Logistics 07. “Sink Hole” Noisia (Invalid + BC#9 Mashup) 08. “Goliath” Deadcode (Invalid + BC#9 Mashup) 09. “Sunday Grunge” Whiney 10. “Hypnosis -ft. MC Subliminal” Revaux Produced & Mixed-INVALID & BC#9 Mastered by Adam Vinsant Groove Logic Productions.​

DNB is no longer just a sub-genre in the world of EDM. DNB is its own genre, with many sub-genres born of it. To put it plainly, DNB has legs that it can stand on by its self, thank you very much. Though I may be biased, to me, DNB has always been the most sophisticated of the group of genres in the electronic music category, separating itself from others that don’t come close to its quality and appeal in both production value and how its created. I started DNB UNITED with the hopes that others who have been listening or creating DNB for some time (or who have just started) would have a destination where they could hear a variety of labels, artists, and production information all on one site, being supported with original content on five social media platforms as well.

Noisia – Sinkhole NickBee – Time Ed:it – Isolation Enei – Homeland ft Charlie Brix Hybris – Garbage Truck Icicle ft Skittles – Problem Hybris – Komputr Enei – Vertigo (Current Value remix) NickBee – Glow Mela – Dimes Kyrist & Barbarix – Maioko Funk Impak – Much More Kutlo – Crock Signs – Black Mirror Hybris – Carousel (NickBee Remix) Rido – Microwave Radiation Teebee - Metreon Kisscut is a UK born neurofunk, tech and liquid DJ based in Prague. Over the last 8 years she has become renowned for her disgustingly hard-hitting dnb sets, which have seen her cause chaos on soundsystems all over the UK including the world famous Ministry of Sound, and across the seas to France, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Malta, Austria, Holland and more. She also holds residencies with both Czech based agencies MethLab and Empire Recordings - as well as in her homeland with the Universal Drumz crew.

In the Summer of 2016 she came up with a concept to showcase 15 minutes mixes from 8 female DJs across the globe and bring them all into one mighty 2 hour podcast. What was initially an idea for a bit of fun triggered a whopping 25k plays on their first ever mix, gained the support from renowned labels such as Dispatch Recordings, Addictive Behaviour, YouTube influencer DarkstepWarrior and music giant Mixcloud and resulted in 2 highly successful collective takeovers in Toulouse and Prague within their first year.​

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TRACKLIST 01. Deadcode - Goliath - Full Cycle Records 02. Benny L, Coppa - Skanka - Audioporn 03. Bladerunner - Turbo Boost - Hi Resolution 04. DJ Trace, Bad Company UK - Nitrous (Audio Remix) - BC Recordings 05. Noisia - Motion Blur - Vision Recordings 06. Culture Shock - Bunker - Ram Records 07. Benny L - Low Blow - Metalheadz 08. Misanthrop - Blurred - Neosignal Recordings 09. Agressor bunx - Jungle Future - Eatbrain 10. Noisia - Shaking Hands - Vision Recordings 11. Deadcode - Bomboclat VIP - Deadcode Records 12. Dimension - UK - Dimension 13. Tantrum Desire - Pump (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix) - Technique Recordings 14. Andy C, Shimon - Quest - Ram Records 15. Deadcode - Heat - Deadcode Records 16. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Thug Killer - Technique Recordings 17. Chase & Status - Tribes - Infectious PR 18. Rocket Guns Blazin’ (Crissy Criss, Malux + Erb n Dub Remix) - Get Hype 19. Insomniax - Facehugger - Viper Recordings 20. Deadcode - Junk Funk - Deadcode Records 21. Nami - Imitator -Lifestyle Music 22. Origin Unknown - Valley Of The Shadows (Chase & Status Remix) - Ram Records 23. Nickbee - Resistance - Ignescent Recordings 24. Black Sun Empire & Noisia - Feed The Machine - BSE 25. Camo & Krooked - Black or White (ft. Tasha Baxter) (Signal Remix) - Ram Records 26. Fade - Tyrant - Grindhou5e Audio 27. Deadcode - Ratatata - ThirtyOne Recordings 28. Desimal - Hyperboria - Citrus Recordings 29. Apex - The Yearning VIP - Horizons Music DEADCODE // 2018 // DNB UNITED RECORDS //UNITED STATE OF DNB.

Chump Change - Every Legend Lynch Kingsley - Eternal Sunset Om Unit & Sam Binga - No Chairs Maltin Worf - Proxima Centauri Ricky Force - What To Do Philip D Kick - Drown ReDraft & HP. Ritch - Scream Sully - Digitalis Moresounds - Dead And Bury (ft. Fracture) Sun People - Nu Gun Fybe:one - If Only DJ Ends - Time 2 Lose (BSN Posse Remix) DJ Earl & Heavee - Gonna Be Mine Lux Familiar - How Do U Feel Kabuki & Mike Romeo - The Calling HomeSick - VIP Sleep (lovin u) Breaka - Aromatic Riddim (feat. SC) Sun People - Live It Up Maltin Worf - Clave HomeSick - 2weeks


TORONTO IS BROKEN – You Are Alone* TORONTO IS BROKEN – I Am* TORONTO IS BROKEN – LV-426 TORONTO IS BROKEN – What You Do With What You Have* TORONTO IS BROKEN & ANODYNE INDUSTRIES – The Antidote (In B) TORONTO IS BROKEN ft. MZKA – Children (ft MZKA)* TORONTO IS BROKEN – No Gyal Tune TORONTO IS BROKEN – Die For You (Anodyne Industries Remix) TORONTO IS BROKEN – Cold Contact TORONTO IS BROKEN ft DEUCE & CHARGER – Nothingness Lasts Forever* TORONTO IS BROKEN ft JODIE CARNALL – Weigh Me Under* JON HOPKINS – Breathe This Air (Toronto Is Broken Bootleg) TORONTO IS BROKEN – The Last Time (Globalise) TORONTO IS BROKEN ft JODIE CARNALL – Trying To Find Home* TORONTO IS BROKEN – Back Again TORONTO IS BROKEN & ANODYNE INDUSTRIES – Ghost Network TORONTO IS BROKEN – Go Halves MARVELLOUS CAIN – The HitMan (Toronto Is Broken Remix) ESKI-B – Backwards (Toronto Is Broken Remix) TORONTO IS BROKEN – Aum* TORONTO IS BROKEN – Zero One BEAT ASSASSINS – See Ma Gun Go (Toronto Is Broken Remix) TORONTO IS BROKEN – Pushin' TORONTO IS BROKEN – Radiation KING YOOF – Soundboy Love (Toronto Is Broken Remix) ANODYNE INDUSTRIES – She Breathes Moonlight (Toronto Is Broken Remix) TORONTO IS BROKEN – Hanging On TORONTO IS BROKEN ft Jodie Carnall – Breathe Clear VIP WIZARD – Mind Control (Toronto Is Broken Remix) TORONTO IS BROKEN – Voyager II TC – Start A Riot (Toronto Is Broken Remix) TORONTO IS BROKEN ft J SWIF – Spite, Lessons, Regrets & Promises* TORONTO IS BROKEN – Original TORONTO IS BROKEN ft CIANNA BLAZE – Deep Freeze TORONTO IS BROKEN – Make Me Feel* TORONTO IS BROKEN – The Space Between* TORONTO IS BROKEN ft AMY KIRKPATRICK – Someone Close VIP TORONTO IS BROKEN – Mirrored Walls TORONTO IS BROKEN ft LENA CULLEN – Penitent (Wash Away)* TORONTO IS BROKEN – SXN TORONTO IS BROKEN ft MZKA – An Image From The Outside* TORONTO IS BROKEN ft KARINA RAMAGE – Remnants* TORONTO IS BROKEN – Spirit Song 2017​

It happened during the summer of 2000. North America’s most prominent drum and bass DJs joined forces to create the legendary crew known as PLANET OF THE DRUMS. Using their combined muscle to push drum and bass music into the spotlight of the main stage they toured tirelessly for well over a decade, fronted by the vocal rhyme animal known as Messinian. Their incessant drive and motivation helped set the groundwork of the scene that exists today.

Feeling their work completed, the team turned their focus to personal projects and the PLANET OF THE DRUMS program was retired. But as was soon discovered, the drum and bass scene in North America began a slow freefall into underground obscurity.

This could not stand.

Reuniting in 2017, the PLANET OF THE DRUMS crew returned to continue their original mission - celebrating, honoring and advancing drum and bass music. “AWAKENING” represents a retrospective of some of their favorite sounds, highlights and moments from the past year. What always made POTD special was the compelling combination of the boys’ varied styles - AK and his raw motherfucking breakbeats. Dara’s rolling dancefloor vibes. Dieselboy with the heavy cinematic pressure. Three hundred and sixty degrees of futuristic drum and bass business.