Metalheadz / Hybris-Iceworm / Blocks & Escher / Phase & Zero -Somewhere In-between.

Download 'Something Borrowed, Something Blue' and pre-order the sampler and full album:

The highly-anticipated debut album from Blocks & Escher is here...

Since first appearing on Metalheadz in 2014 the duo have been hidden away mastering their craft and honing their skills, culminating in a 11-track long player entitled ‘Something Blue’.

Now ready to be unleashed, ‘Something Blue’ is an album that ventures into various corners of drum & bass and jungle, never failing to surprise or evoke emotion. It’s a culmination of Blocks & Escher’s dedication to the music, with the finished article coming in at nothing short of exceptional.

We couldn’t be happier to release ‘Something Blue’ this March.

Available here: Website/Bandcamp release date: 26 February 2018 General release date: 02 March 2018

Phase steps up for his first solo Metalheadz release after previously appearing on the label alongside Villem for ‘The Traveller EP’ in 2016.

The young Belgian shows off his skills across 4 tracks (one of them a collaboration with Zero T) on the ‘Stakes EP’, displaying a mature and accomplished sound that not only fits in but also stands out in the Metalheadz catalogue.

Available here:‣ Website/Bandcamp release date: 19 February 2018‣ General release date: 23 February 2018Hybris is an American born, Czech based electronic musician who’s been lighting up the scene with his energetic productions since 2010, appearing on Metalheadz for the first and only time just a year later.