Well, here we are! Year number TWO for DNBUNITED.COM and the United State of Drum and Bass podcast…a dream come true for founder and CEO Jason Bakes, a/k/a BC#9. In the last year, both the website and the podcast have continued to reach tens of thousands of DNB fans and producers alike, through our home websiite DNBUNITED.COM as well as industry partners like Tune In Radio, Soundcloud, Beatport, SpliceSounds.com Upsound.com , and NativeInstrumentssounds.com . 2018 promises to be a blockbuster year, with plans already in the works to not only continue our relationships with some of the most impressive sources for producing and sharing DNB and all of its diverse sub-genres, but forging new and more interactive packages and experiences for our listeners as well as our fellow DNB producers. BC#9 has an exciting collaboration in the works with Upsound, which is an incredible resource for sharing knowledge and for learning all aspects of music composition and production, but also mixing, mastering and many more aspects of creativity and innovation in the form of one-on-one lessons and tutorials. BC#9 also has plans in the works to begin selling his own producer packs, a series of DNB bass producer packs designed for creating DNB exclusively. These producer packs will carry the brand of DNB United and will include presets specific for creating DNB. DNB is the most sophisticated of all electronic music genres with its obscure sounds. Learning about synthesis and how to use LFO’s to get that sick bass sound to ultimately create your own exclusive patches is every producers quest using Serum and the entire line of Native Instrument plugins, such as Massive, Fm8, Absynth and more, this technology opens up yet another avenue for creativity and integrating talented people with the tools that they need to continue to create DNB in all of its spectacular range and sub genres long into the future.

The mission statement of DNBUNITED.COM has always been, and always will be, a destination where like minded industry pros can gather to celebrate and share the evolving sound and culture of the DNB & Jungle movement, not for money or personal gain, but simply for the love of the music. All of the work and passion that goes into the website and podcasts is done on a volunteer basis, with artists and enthusiastic fans donating their time and talent to us. Look back, and you will see phenomenal interviews with acts like Maduk, who was out first ever featured artist, as well as guest mixes by acts such as Deadcode, Loko, Jaguar Skills, Tea and Shugah, Dieselboy , BC#9 and more to come. These guest mix you can access through Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Tunein Radio and of corse DNBUNITED.COM​ .Here is the very first podcast we launched featuring Maduk who we interviewed for our first artist spotlight and the release of his new album at the time.

Looking forward, there is more where that came from, as we continue to thrive in our relationships with leading DNB labels like Hospital and Med School Records, Metalheadz, Methlab Recordings, Viper Records, Program, 1985, Critical, Ram, Invisible, Vision, Audio danger, Nighthawk45UK, Otherside , Bad taste, Blackout, UKF, Get Hype, Let It Roll, Full Cycle, Spearhead, Drum and bass arena, Technique, Terminal, Audio Danger (Bristol) Jungle Cakes and more. We couldn’t do what we do without the amazing people at these labels, and we certainly couldn’t do what we do here without our own killer staff. From the beginning we have had our Chief Audio Engineer Adam Vinsant, who among many other things always masters our podcasts with his incredible skills. Thanks to you, Adam, and we look forward to many more years of partnership with you. Also, a big thanks to our West coast representative, and a DNB artist in her own right, MC Jhussl in Los Angeles. Thanks to you, Jhussl, for always spreading the word of DNBUNITED.COM as you rock the Los Angelous.

DJ REA, creator and host of The Late Night Show on CITR.CA , rocking out an amazing seven hour drum and bass broadcast in British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada has been our partner from the get-go as well, not only remaining the most impressive show of DNB music to be found on earth, but for always participating in, and rebroadcasting The United State of Drum and Bass on CITR FM in BC. DJ Rea, you are a pure fan and your dedication to the genre and to our mission of uniting DNB artists and fans around the world is absolutely second to none, so big thanks to you. As Editor In Chief of this venture, I am humbled by the founder of this whole enterprise, Jason Bakes, a/k/a/ BC#9. I have known this man for over thirty years, and have personally watched him turn his impressive organic music career into a career as an electronic music FORCE OF NATURE, that shows his incredible diversity and innate talent, as well as his relentless pursuit of unity between all artists in the spirit of the music he loves so much. He often says, “Drum and Bass saved my life”, and if you read through his blog posts through the years, and listen to his podcasts, you will hear all about the truth of that statement. His idea to start DNBUNITED.COM was born of a search that he was finding no results for, and that was a place where all fans and producers of DNB could come together, talk about the music, bring it to light and eventually literally collaborate with the whole scene in order to push DNB up and out of the dark warehouses of its early days, into the proper open channels and larger and larger audience that it is currently enjoying. I think it is safe to say that he has definitely done his part, and then some, to further this cause. So, as we celebrate the anniversary of the launch of this venture, let’s all reach out and high five BC#9, because his ceaseless passion and dedication have been at the heart and soul of DNBUNITED.COM and The United State of Drum and Bass, the podcast that soars out over the worldwide web into the ears and hearts of thousands and thousands of new DNB fans, as well as to those who have loved it from the start.Nothing makes Jason feel better than when his phone lights up over a hundred times a day when a new visitor to DNB◉UNITED.COM logs on the site for the first time from a country or city that he can barley pronounce. When Jason pointed this out to me that is the smile I see him display and why he is grinning from ear to ear he simply says that two years ago there was a few places on the global map that DNB was know to be popular and accessible-now its confirms what Jason always knew and that is if DNB from all the labels could be found on one site they would come. Jason has always believed with a passion that given the opportunity if DNB was promoted like EDM and pop music people in regions all over the world would choose DNB. These kids just haven’t be given that opportunity and exposer like other pop music artists and the labels that market them. The tide has turned. DNB United records over a 1000k new visits a month and a large part of that list subscribes and returns for more. So, stick with us, loyal readers and listeners, as BC#9 puts the pedal to the metal, keeps bringing us all together, and takes the whole enterprise to the next level for year number three and beyond. Best, always, Xtene Sixtene, Editor in Chief, DNBUNITED.COM

1. London Elektricity Remix (Mitekiss) Just one second. 2. S.P.Y. Love Unlimited VIP 1 3. Etherwood Climbing (In Silence 4. Logistics Cold light of day 5. BC #9 Liquid Blue 6. BC #9 Phase Us Remix (London Elektricity) 7. Camo & Krooked Good times & Bad Times 8. Goldie Inner City life (Rebuild) feat. Dian Charlemagne 9. Etherwood Souvenirs Feat. Zero Kershaw 10. Dimension Black Church 11. Cod3X Feat Sublimation 12. Lockjaw With you ( The sneak remix) 13. Hypnosis feat. MC Subliminal 14. Hush Hush Simon 15. High Contrast Wish you were here Feat Selah 16. Ulterior Motive I Adore you (Remix) 17. Reso Sungaze 18. Logistics Cold light of day (original mix) 19. Turno The Invaderz 20. Disphonia Disinagrate 21. TapHo AMC Remix 22. Invasion Illicit circus 23. London Elektricity BT054 COD3X & Micron 24. Balang Beng Mystic Pulse 25. Hookshot DJ Edit 26. Metrik Worldwide feat. Th Ragga Twins 27. Danny Byrd Devils drop 28. Danny Byrd Ill Behavior Feat. I-Kay 29. Technimatics Bristol

It is with great pride that I sit down to write something about the first two years of DNB UNITED and THE UNITED STATE OF DRUM AND BASS. The idea for this musical and social experiment came to Jason as the result of many, many experiences as a professional musician and producer. As both he and I have mentioned occasionally, I grew up in the music business, my father being a radio professional, both as a program director and DJ in the industry since well before I was around. He also DJ'd in clubs in the height of the 1970s American disco scene. So, I spent much of my youth either in a broadcast studio, first sitting on the floor under the carts, out of his way, and eventually being what I guess was essentially his assistant producer, pulling his carts, reading the log, stacking his commercials in with the songs, re-racking them at the end of each hour, or standing behind his turntables with him when he was Doing live somewhere, handing him his albums, and eventually learning to cue them up myself, and fade into the next track. Most importantly, though, I watched him work, running the board like a magician, never missing a beat on the intro or outro of a song, somehow always knowing when to stop talking, when to start the next track. I am now, and always have been, in love with music, and the art of DJ’ing; that alchemy of producing a continuous, unending flow of music for other people to enjoy is sheer brilliance to me. The founder and CEO of DNB UNITED, DJ BC#9, is one of those sorcerers, not only in producing some of the most beautiful, driving, interesting and truly original music out there, but also in his ability to hear the music of others, to appreciate and understand it, and to knit it together into musical garments that you never want to take off! So, when he decided to create a website and community of drum and bass artists in order not just to share it with others, and with one another as musicians, but to present and package it in a way that would increase the listership of the entire genre, I was really excited to see what he would come up with…and this website and it’s signature podcast are certainly not a disappointment! Jason has an ear for music that a person can only be born with…this kind of musical intuition cannot be taught or learned. When he goes through all the submissions from artists and labels, and picks which ones to review, to share them, and to encourage the reader and listener to not just listen, but to understand the music, it is nothing less than magical. Also, our podcast, THE UNITED STATE OF DRUM AND BASS…well, if you are’t listening, you are missing out. This is not just a group of songs or a mere playlist..this is an expertly crafted audio experience, each beat chosen carefulluy, each note understanding the other and creating an experience that no music fan wouldn’t completely be lost in…between this ethereal talent and the mastering of our chief audio engineer Adam, the UNITED STATE OF DRUM AND BASS should really be on your must-listen to list any time we are lucky enough for the team to put one together and share it, trust me! It will take you on a musical journey like no other. Finally, I want to say, on the occasion of our first anniversary, that the crew of people that we are fortunate enough to have attracted into this world of DNB…well, it is truly an honor to edit the erudite, intelligent and expressive pieces that they produce for us, and for the readers...their words are inspired and inspiring. There are not many ventures, websites or podcasts, in any musical genre, where the spirit of the music, of collaboration and cooperation, of truly sharing and uplifting the music that we all love, is so highly respected as it is at DNB UNITED. Jason carefully picked the name to describe his ultimate Utopia…a virtual and physical world where all of us are united under the flags of music, no matter where we come from, and no matter where we want to go. All are welcome at DNB UNITED, and in that unity, I love watching the art, culture and music that forms the universe of Drum and Bass, come together and soar. Congratulations to Jason, a/k/a DJ BC#9, Tim, Adam, Eric, and Jaymee, a/k/a MC JHUSSL, and thank you to the artists and labels that share their gift with us every day, so that we can continue to bring this and more to you in the coming years. Only music can save us! XTENE 16 Editor/ Chief /Contributor / DNB◉UNITED RECORDS / DNB◉UNITED.COM​

BC#9 is at it again with another installment of The United State of Drum and Bass Podcast! This podcast in my opinion is one of the best yet. It reminds me of a nice "Sweet and Spicy" dish. Has a nice spicy punch at the first and then smooths out to a nice sweet finish. This month we welcome Viper Recordings to our list of labels that we help promote here at dnbunited.com. 1 Eraser by Smooth True grit Viper Records 2 Club Shake by Aggressor Bunx Ignescent Reords 3 Dead by Jaydan Nightmare World Ep Smoking Riddims Records 4 Proxima by Loose Lights The Future Sound Of Holland exclusive pre release Hospital Records 5 What you do to me by LoKo Viper Records exclusive pre release 6 In Circles by Fierce & Zero T Metalheadz records exclusive pre release 7 Attitude by Fred & Grafix Oxygen exclusive pre release Hospital Records 8 NCT by Closure The Future Sound Of Holland exclusive pre release Hospital Records 9 Meteorites by London Elektricity Yikes Feat Elsa Esmerlda This podcast is being featured on Tunein.com as well as The Late Night Show with DJ Rea on CITR RadioEraser- Smooth True grit Viper Records Club Shake- Aggressor Bunx Ignescent Records Dead- Jaydan Nightmare World Ep Smoking Riddims Records Proxima- Loose Lights The Future Sound Of Holland exclusive pre release Hospital Records

What you do to me- LoKo Viper Records exclusive pre release In Circles- Fierce & Zero T Metalheadz records exclusive pre release Attitude- Fred & Grafix Oxygen exclusive pre release Hospital Records NCT- Closure The Future Sound Of Holland exclusive pre release Hospital Records Meteorites- London Elektricity Yikes Feat Elsa Esmerelda

This an exclusive mix produced for The United State Of DNB Radio & dnbunited.com by Viper Recordings T & Sugar. Vipers Summer Slammers release just dropped and is smoken hot ! 35 Tracks of pure upbeat DNB Love. Just off the stage at Let it roll the energy from the worlds largest DNB fest ids defiantly captured on this explosive, melodic, colorful and feel good release. Enjoy the full review and special feature with the exclusive interview with T & Sugah at dnbunited.com Tracklist T & Sugah Mix for DNB United

Ekko & Sidetrack – Hold it Up T & Sugah – Stones The Prototypes - Pop It Off VIP (feat. Mad Hed City) Delta Heavy - White Flag (VIP Mix) Culture Shock – Protection Moko - Your Love (Culture Shock Remix) Ivy Lab - Pepper (feat. Emperor) T & Sugah – Change Liz-E – Synchronize Ulterior Motive – Tape Pack Dossa & Locuzzed - Banana Split Metrik - Want My Love (feat. Elisabeth Troy) Axon – STTR Getaway (feat. Angel Taylor) (Koven Remix) Smooth – Drone Blaine Stranger - Chat Shit, Get Banged Insomniax - Longest Night

Mc Jhussl of DNB United Records & Cynical Rude Boy deliver A brand new guest mix for "The United State Of DNB"from upcoming West Coast talent, the combination of MC Jhussl and DJ/producer Cynical Rude Boy. Together, they are known as Cynical Hussl. With 2 EPs out and an LP due out soon, Jhussl and Cynical Rude Boy show why the West Coast is a competitive leader in distinguished and original sounds. With the support of DNB United Records (USA, UK) as well as Crazy Rabbit Records (UK), the world audience can now be witness to hard working talent that are paving way in drum and bass, tech house (G-house), dubstep, trap, and trap n' bass. Cynical Hussl have maintained a steady incline while fusing electronic genres together to create party music for the masses. Showcasing their dominant passion for drum and bass, this mix provides exclusive unreleased music from the duo who are setting the bar high for new talent. Follow MC-JHUSSL @DNB UNITED RECORDS_LA for all the latest newsand new releases. 02 - Cynical Rude Boy - Junglist Alien 03 - Cynical HUSSL - So So Cynical 04 - BC*9 - So Alive (Cynical HUSSL Remix) 05 - Cynical HUSSL - Cure 4 My Pain 06 - Cynical HUSSL - Nah Fuck Dat 07 - Cynical HUSSL - Escape From L.A. (Instrumental) 08 - Cynical HUSSL - Taco Time (Drum & Bass Remix) 09 - Cynical HUSSL - Why So Cynical (Drum & Bass Remix) 10 - Cynical HUSSL - Dancing On Thin Ice

March of 2016 DNB◉UNITED.COM/ DNB◉UNITED RECORDS & THE UNITED STATE OF DNB was officially launched worldwide. DNB◉UNITED.COM is a group of industry professionals who donate their time and skills to celebrate the art, culture and evolving sound of DNB + Jungle.To celebrate our one year anniversary I pulled out my decks and produced a mix. I have been submerged in the incredible amount of wicked Neruofunk DNB that has been releases in just 2016 alone. Eatbrain has been killing it all year! I also went out to celebrate my birthday to the Lizard lounge of Dallas Texas. One of my hometown heroes Dieselboy was headlining and my fiancé Xtene got me backstage to reunited us since it has been over 20 years since we last saw each other in person.. His latest two hour Destroyer mix 2 is off the chain with 138 tracks to break the floor for sure.Ok so a lot of influence's running through my brain and screaming to get out. So I fired up my decks and put together some of my favorite tracks of 2016-2017. DNB◉UNITED.COM has been growing at such a fast pace I couldn't be happier.We also just opened our LA California office with MC Jhussi representing DNB◉UNITED RECORDS on the West coast. A-lot to be grateful for.So thanks to all who have joined us and followed the artists we support and promote.DNB◉UNITED.COM has some great new things to come in 2017. Stay plugged in and we will make sure you get a steady supply of pure DNB Dope tracks. Jason Bakes aka BC⚡︎➒ Founder DNB◉UNITED RECORDS & DNB◉UNITED.COM. 1)Siver Funk EP Tigris-Drumcatcher 2)Fre4nc Tradecraft 3)Eatbrain-War Bunker-Disphonia 5 4)Eatbrain-Hot aGlue feat. Neonlight 5 5)Hydro, War & Meteba -Clair Obscur 6)D4nc3-Chris S.U. 7)Red Pill-1234-Invisible 8)The Orchard Project-Scar Renegade kicks Metalheadz 9)Delta Heavy Kill Room Ram 10)The Prodigy The Day is my enemy Ram 11)Hamilton Bounce Ram​

DNB UNITED STARTS CELEBRATING THEY'RE TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY TONIGHT !SINCE LAUNCHING DNB UNITED RECORDS,DNBUNITED.COM AND THEYRE MONTHLY PODCAST " THE UNITED STATE OF DNB" WITH FOUNDER BC9 THEY HAVE REACHED OUT AND INVITED SOME OF THEY'RE FAVORITE DNB ARTISTS TO CREATE EXCLUSIVE MIXES TO BE A PART OF THE ANNIVERSARY GUEST MIX SERIES. KICKING THINGS OFF IS HELSINKI'S FINEST DRUM+BASS DUO COURTESY OF FULL CYCLE RECORDS "DEADCODE" C​HEERS BC#9.01. Deadcode - Goliath - Full Cycle Records 02. Benny L, Coppa - Skanka - Audioporn 03. Bladerunner - Turbo Boost - Hi Resolution 04. DJ Trace, Bad Company UK - Nitrous (Audio Remix) - BC Recordings 05. Noisia - Motion Blur - Vision Recordings 06. Culture Shock - Bunker - Ram Records 07. Benny L - Low Blow - Metalheadz 08. Misanthrop - Blurred - Neosignal Recordings 09. Agressor bunx - Jungle Future - Eatbrain 10. Noisia - Shaking Hands - Vision Recordings 11. Deadcode - Bomboclat VIP - Deadcode Records 12. Dimension - UK - Dimension 13. Tantrum Desire - Pump (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix) - Technique Recordings 14. Andy C, Shimon - Quest - Ram Records 15. Deadcode - Heat - Deadcode Records 16. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Thug Killer - Technique Recordings 17. Chase & Status - Tribes - Infectious PR 18. Rocket Guns Blazin’ (Crissy Criss, Malux + Erb n Dub Remix) - Get Hype 19. Insomniax - Facehugger - Viper Recordings 20. Deadcode - Junk Funk - Deadcode Records 21. Nami - Imitator -Lifestyle Music 22. Origin Unknown - Valley Of The Shadows (Chase & Status Remix) - Ram Records 23. Nickbee - Resistance - Ignescent Recordings 24. Black Sun Empire & Noisia - Feed The Machine - BSE 25. Camo & Krooked - Black or White (ft. Tasha Baxter) (Signal Remix) - Ram Records 26. Fade - Tyrant - Grindhou5e Audio 27. Deadcode - Ratatata - ThirtyOne Recordings 28. Desimal - Hyperboria - Citrus Recordings 29. Apex - The Yearning VIP - Horizons Music DEADCODE // 2018 // DNB UNITED RECORDS //UNITED STATE OF DNB.

Pure Logic Recordings (P.L.R) is an independent label aimed at launching the careers of independent artist looking for a chance. The company is the dream in themaking for independent electronic artist Adam Vinsant aka Groove Logic. Pure Logic is NOT limited to a particular genre of music, we love and respect ALL genres, so anyone is welcome to submit to Pure Logic. We offer many services to artists that compete with most other labels out there. Our services include but not limited to: Digital Promotion Booking services Music distribution (digital and physical) Album Art creation and editing Mixing and Mastering DJ Mix Set Hosting And More… Current Pure Logic Artists Groove Logic Chemical Harmony Chris Hanna Mucho Mas

Click Adams photo to go to Pure Logic Recordings.

Adam Vinsant is the senior audio engineer at DNB United Records.