Invisible 'Chapter 4', an EP by Fre4knc // Division 'Partial #4' Razat, Samba, Signs

This is one of my favorite releases of 2018 so far. Invisible/Division puts out some of the most tasteful, sophisticated, and wickedly sick music under the sun as far as I am concerned! You would be making a grave mistake if you were to not give this release the respect it deserves by buying it and taking it on the road with you. Five fucking stars. BC⚡︎➒

Chapter 4 EPI've been starting my sets with Crustacean since version 0.2 (and I still do) and it's working like a charm. Later I removed the info in rekordbox, as too many people were checking the ID, haha. It took a while to find the perfect flow as there are so many different sounds. But when I got it, it's been one of my favorites.

"When Noisia asked me to do an EP for Invisible I instantly wanted to make this a special one, trying to give every track a different kind of vibe/theme and experimenting with various new methods of making music. In 2000 I started DJ-ing, then I became a collab producer, followed by my first own solo productions and now this EP feels like the next step. Chapter 4. And I also like the 4 of course.

Partial#4 comes with a varied lineup of beats and electronica including the likes of Razat, Samba, Signs & Sotilas, HØST, Dub Head & M.Justa and Anti.Negative. Out this Friday on all digital platforms. Listen / Download:

This is the second single taken off Mefjus’ album ‘Manifest’ on Vision Recordings, including ‘Muskox’ and ‘Assembler’. Full album out on April 26th

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Artwork and typography by Rutger Prins / Regime Logo by Philipp Meindl-Grausam