Rene LaVice // Magnetude // Sound In Noise // DC Breaks - Never Stop (S.P.Y remix) / Hustle (Synergy

From releasing on focal drum & bass imprint Ram Records, to hosting his own show on Radio 1, Rene LaVice’s steps over the last five years have been nothing short of groundbreaking. Now breaking into his third LP cycle, with the album due to be released this Spring, he’s followed up his massive collaboration ‘Cold Crush’ with Gydra to present double edged single ‘How Do I Kill’. With creeping percussive undertones, a rolling bassline and sonic stabs which layer its progressive hooks, Rene LaVice flips the switch for a more old-school reminiscent offering. Its call-to-arms vocal slams regiment themselves throughout the mix and you become instantly aware of the record’s dancefloor allure. Having filled a host of tour dates this coming Spring / Summer, Rene LaVice has already made a monumental impact on the club circuit for 2018. And tracks like ‘How Do I Kill’ only highlight these chaotic scenes, signalling another movement towards his highly anticipated third album.

Eight years in the making, the path of Magentude was never a smooth one. The Anglo-Russian hybrid spent their formative years sharing music across the vast expanse of cyberspace; following a chance online meeting through their individual projects, it was their love for musically enriched drum & bass which drew them together and it was this passion which saw them collaborate. Time passed, meaning Magnetude became less of an idea and more of a reality as their tracks gained traction across worldwide stages and DJ sets. However, the ingeniously sculpted compositions they piece together meant it was only natural for them to pique interest with one of dance music’s most revered labels, Ram Records. And it was here that their forthcoming single ‘Snatch’ and ‘Signals’ came into being. One element of Magnetude’s success is their ability to integrate multi-genre soundscapes across drum & bass. ‘Snatch’ is the epitomic example, pulling out vast, orchestral instrumentals and throbbing bass notes to draw you deep inside its climatic breakdown. As the record transcends into a more dancefloor-lead drop, it ducks and dives between rocketing pulses of LFO and a hook which is undeniably catchy. Switching midway and demonstrating that every inch of their music channels a constant thought process, ‘Snatch’ may be your first foreword into Magnetude’s sound but it will certainly carve a lasting impact. ‘Signals’ still shakes with the same relentless drive as its flipside but also gives you a glimpse into Magnetude’s boundary-breaking sound design. Pulling robotic, eerily warped vocals through the mix alongside its floating synths, the introduction of its weighty drum patterns adds a divisive undercurrent. ‘Signals’ still keeps its focus around the anarchist club vibes seen throughout Magnetude’s production but it also opens you up to their range and diversity. They’re a duo who concentrates on developing a signature which not only oozes individuality but also centralises around the contemporary progress of drum & bass. This is why they’ve become such an exciting prospect within the twenty-five year strong Ram Records roster.

Sound in Noise pushed through relative obscurity to drop cut after cut of unadulterated drum & bass onto Ram Records’ vast audiences. And the last year has remained as one of his most defining, with a succession of singles creating a stage of the Estonian artist. However it’s been years in the making, with Sound in Noise already perfecting both his Djing skills and production whilst hosting his own influential club night inside his home town. The low bass rumbles of his forthcoming single ‘Ping Pong’ rupture the track’s mix, creating a dynamic follow up to his last streamlined output on Ram’s imprint. ‘Ping Pong’ is unforgiving and slices through subs like butter, taking you down to a depth that you didn’t even know was possible, whilst manifesting a chaotic wave of beats which reign down on the listener unopposed. With clicking samples nodding to its namesake, a science fiction like vocal snippet and a looming incline that takes you into its gnarling breakdown, Sound in Noise proves he’s two steps ahead of his competition. It’s only the second part of a discography under this pseudonym but it’s already an intimidating show of force. ‘Ping Pong’ is a contemporary record with old school flavours, diving forward with the type of antiquated patterns which helped grow the genre’s foundations whilst honing in on the current trends of club goers. You’re about to become accustomed to the world of Sound in Noise, one swiftly becoming a microcosm within Ram Record’s roster and adding to the next generation on artists. Twenty five years on from the label’s creation.

The art of remixing is something which DC Breaks hold in high regard – from their own cuts through to the artists they’ve chosen for their Different Breed reworks, their standards have been clear from the offset. Even the original release of their seminal LP featured a hugely diverse array of collaborative artists and musical signatures, which is why the duo came through Ram Records’ roster with so much garnered interest. And adding to the already popular twists from A.M.C & Turno, Flowidus and Tantrum Desire, more artists enter the fray for their own takes on DC Breaks’ sound. S.P.Y and Synergy are next to take you into the deeper and darker world of Different Breed, drawing styles from opposite sides of the same spectrum and twisting them into something almost unrecognisable. First up, S.P.Y moves through Never Stop, pushing DC Breaks’ more dancefloor, vocal-lead breakdowns and slamming them against a more tech-driven reimagining. S.P.Y is the master of driving a minimalist sound design whilst also smacking hard on its impact; between every clattering layer of drums and elevating blast of LFO, the original melody streams throughout his remix. The bare bones of Never Stop are clear to see, but S.P.Y makes his presence known through every crackle of bass. Following in quick succession is Synergy’s version of Hustle, which dramatically switches gears and orchestrates a more stabbing descent into chaos. With Synergy’s neuro-infused background making itself known, their pounding kicks and snares catapult Hustle into a more cataclysmic scene, one which is sure to gain a following throughout their loyal following of DJs. The pair have already found themselves as a centrepiece within the darker side of drum & bass throughout recent months and following a release on the infamous Ram Records imprint, this heat is about to switch up another notch. More remixes are still to come from DC Breaks’ debut Different Breed LP and looking back at its first consecutive unveilings, their full power hasn’t yet been felt.