AKOV // The Initiation EP // Bad Taste Recordings.

Bad Taste Recordings presents AKOV’s rst instalment in the realm of concept album: The initiation paints a haunting vision of the future where dystopian society has embraced a one world religion in the form of Virtual Reality. The priests or “Seers” of this religion replace their hearts with an undying bionic counterpart that enables them to be permanently plugged into the virtual world, which in its unattainable perfection is referred to as Eden. Eden represents what the world could have been if we hadn’t descended into decadence, chaos and war. Escapism in its nest form, whole groups of humans have chosen to sacri ce their earthly reality to ermanently experience the incorruptible virtual one. A narrative that will be drip-fed to the audience with each track, the concept of The Initiation EP is one that will be explored for many chapters into the future of AKOV’s career. With the prologue taking place on Bad Taste Recordings, he hopes to fully immerse the listener into a world that has been written to the nest detail in order to engage them on a deeper emotional level.

A few words from the artist: “I’ve had the desire to write a concept album for a while now and the rst major difference in the process was deciding to commission artist Filip Vukoje to make the artwork before I even started to compose the tracks. I communicated in detail what the image needed to depict and Filip brought it to life in front of my eyes. The purpose of this release was to initiate the listener and myself into the next stage of AKOV where I aim to create my music without the limitations of sub genres and preconceived ideas of what my music should sound like or what people expect from me. With that being said, the Introduction track starts in a familiar place in regards to my sound and then hopefully takes the listener into my new exploration of other drum’n’bass territories.” Just click above photo to buy or stream. Jason Bakes

When the first eyes were in development, they were reserved for the wealthy and the religious. That didn’t stop people from obtaining parts illegally and building black market sanctums though, and no one did it better than Gregor. Music had become scarce after the 3rd world war as only a select few government approved tracks were permitted, but once jacked into the eye, one had the entire history of music at their fingertips. One night in Berlin, another in Paris, Gregor would spend hours virtually experiencing club nights from the early 21st century. It was amazing how care free and decadent everyone was, little did they know the horrors just around the corner. It’s funny how these clubs were like an early version of the eye, a place of solitude away from the harsh reality of life. People high on poor quality drugs, swaying from side to side. The sheer ridiculousness of it all. It was perfect. The next set had begun, a DJ called AKOV, played a song named ‘schnitzelklopfer’ the eye translated it for Gregor as ‘meat hammer’. He smiled as the sound system roared into action and he was nearly knocked off his feet. Come 6am the night had ended and Gregor jacked out of the eye. Silence. Reality. The feint ringing of the music died in his ears and he was left with the emptiness that always followed.