Logistics Hologram // Hospital Records

Logistics, one of Hospital Records’ most prolific artists, is back with his seventh studio album ‘Hologram’. Inspired by his travels to Hong-Kong and New Zealand, this universally admired drum & bass figure presents a vibrant 16-track collection soaked in his signature groove, soul and liquid-funk stylings.

Opening track ‘Lotus Flower’ sets a warm springtime tone with fluttering harp-like arpeggios and atmospheric pads. ‘Broken Light’ follows on from the success that singer/songwriter Thomas Oliver brought on Logistics’ collaborative LP with brother Nu:Tone. A sombre tone matched with melancholic lyrics bring a blissful beat to the album.

Keeping true to the craft, ‘Chant’ flips to Logistics’ jungle style with molten-hot flair. A powerful punch of expertly sliced breaks and vocal stabs are the ingredients for this dancefloor weapon.

It’s safe to say that this has been worth the wait. Although titled from the ever-growing illusion of the digital-age, ‘Hologram’ is an example of Logistics’ very real talent and is a welcomed addition to his impressive repertoire of drum & bass classics. Quantity, quality and a fierce musical character is everything we have come to expect from this Hospital staple. Just click above photo to buy or stream now! Jason Bakes

This track is such a wicked banger, I can't stop loading my decks with it daily! Morning, noon and night, it just gets better and better everytime I listen to it. In the last few weeks, Hospital and Med School have been releasing some killer drum+bass. I highly recommend that you head over to dnbunited.com and preview whats hot and whats about to drop. If you reside in the United States, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our friends and followers a happy holiday weekend.


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