DNB◉UNITED // UNITED STATE OF DNB Anniversary Neurofunk Guest Mix // MethLab and Empire Recordings


Kisscut is a UK born neurofunk, tech and liquid DJ based in Prague. Over the last 8 years she has become renowned for her disgustingly hard-hitting dnb sets, which have seen her cause chaos on soundsystems all over the UK including the world famous Ministry of Sound, and across the seas to France, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Malta, Austria, Holland and more. She also holds residencies with both Czech based agencies MethLab and Empire Recordings - as well as in her homeland with the Universal Drumz crew. In the Summer of 2016 she came up with a concept to showcase 15 minutes mixes from 8 female DJs across the globe and bring them all into one mighty 2 hour podcast. What was initially an idea for a bit of fun triggered a whopping 25k plays on their first ever mix, gained the support from renowned labels such as Dispatch Recordings, Addictive Behaviour, YouTube influencer DarkstepWarrior and music giant Mixcloud and resulted in 2 highly successful collective takeovers in Toulouse and Prague within their first year.

As a person who eats, sleeps and breathes bass music – you can expect to hear her and her girls making a tonne of noise in various locations across Europe, and witness plenty of her forthcoming material.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Kisscutdnb

Soundcloud: x-kisscut-x

Mixcloud: mixcloud.com/x-kisscut-x

Email: kisscutdnb@outlook.com

The mission statement of DNBUNITED.COM has always been, and always will be, a destination where like minded industry pros can gather to celebrate and share the evolving sound and culture of the DNB & Jungle movement, not for money or personal gain, but simply for the love of the music. All of the work and passion that goes into the website and podcasts is done on a volunteer basis, with artists and enthusiastic fans donating their time and talent to us. Look back, and you will see phenomenal interviews with acts like Maduk, who was out first ever featured artist, as well as guest mixes by acts such as Kisscut, Deadcode, Loko, Jaguar Skills, Tea and Shugah, Dieselboy , BC#9 and more to come. These guest mix you can access through Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Tunein Radio and of corse DNBUNITED.COM​ .

Looking forward, there is more where that came from, as we continue to thrive in our relationships with leading DNB labels like Hospital and Med School Records, Metalheadz, Methlab Recordings, Viper Records, Program, 1985, Critical, Ram, Invisible, Vision, Audio danger, Nighthawk45UK, Otherside , Bad taste, Blackout, UKF, Get Hype, Let It Roll, Full Cycle, Spearhead, Drum and bass arena, Technique, Terminal, Audio Danger (Bristol) Jungle Cakes and more. We couldn’t do what we do without the amazing people at these labels, and we certainly couldn’t do what we do here without our own killer staff. From the beginning we have had our Chief Audio Engineer Adam Vinsant, who among many other things always masters our podcasts with his incredible skills. Thanks to you, Adam, and we look forward to many more years of partnership with you. Also, a big thanks to our West coast representative, and a DNB artist in her own right, MC Jhussl in Los Angeles. Thanks to you, Jhussl, for always spreading the word of DNBUNITED.COM as you rock the Los Angelous.

DJ REA, creator and host of The Late Night Show on Citr.ca , rocking out an amazing seven hour drum and bass broadcast in British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada has been our partner from the get-go as well, not only remaining the most impressive show of DNB music to be found on earth, but for always participating in, and rebroadcasting The United State of Drum and Bass on CITR FM in BC. DJ Rea, you are a pure fan and your dedication to the genre and to our mission of uniting DNB artists and fans around the world is absolutely second to none, so big thanks to you. As Editor In Chief of this venture, I am humbled by the founder of this whole enterprise, Jason Bakes, a/k/a/ BC#9. I have known this man for over thirty years, and have personally watched him turn his impressive organic music career into a career as an electronic music FORCE OF NATURE, that shows his incredible diversity and innate talent, as well as his relentless pursuit of unity between all artists in the spirit of the music he loves so much. He often says, “Drum and Bass saved my life”, and if you read through his blog posts through the years, and listen to his podcasts, you will hear all about the truth of that statement. His idea to start DNBUNITED.COM was born of a search that he was finding no results for, and that was a place where all fans and producers of DNB could come together, talk about the music, bring it to light and eventually literally collaborate with the whole scene in order to push DNB up and out of the dark warehouses of its early days, into the proper open channels and larger and larger audience that it is currently enjoying. I think it is safe to say that he has definitely done his part, and then some, to further this cause. So, as we celebrate the anniversary of the launch of this venture, let’s all reach out and high five BC#9, because his ceaseless passion and dedication have been at the heart and soul of DNBUNITED.COM and The United State of Drum and Bass, the podcast that soars out over the worldwide web into the ears and hearts of thousands and thousands of new DNB fans, as well as to those who have loved it from the start.Nothing makes Jason feel better than when his phone lights up over a hundred times a day when a new visitor to DNB◉UNITED.COM logs on the site for the first time from a country or city that he can barley pronounce. When Jason pointed this out to me that is the smile I see him display and why he is grinning from ear to ear he simply says that two years ago there was a few places on the global map that DNB was know to be popular and accessible-now its confirms what Jason always knew and that is if DNB from all the labels could be found on one site they would come. Jason has always believed with a passion that given the opportunity if DNB was promoted like EDM and pop music people in regions all over the world would choose DNB. These kids just haven’t be given that opportunity and exposer like other pop music artists and the labels that market them. The tide has turned. DNB United records over a 1000k new visits a month and a large part of that list subscribes and returns for more. So, stick with us, loyal readers and listeners, as BC#9 puts the pedal to the metal, keeps bringing us all together, and takes the whole enterprise to the next level for year number three and beyond. Best, always, Xtene Sixtene, Editor in Chief, DNBUNITED.COM​