Eatbrain / Teddy Killerz - Hellblade EP

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An endless darkness beckoned ahead, a deep void beyond that held its own gravity, pulled him ahead one paw at a time. Beneath his furry exterior, tucked in the warmth of tightly woven layers of the cotton, the fast beating of his organic heart pulsated nervously, stretching his chest stitches at the seams with its urgency in a constant rhythm. The shadows of the passage flickered in deathly silence over the uniform blackness of his glass bead eyes. Something was out there. He withdrew, sinking into the warm folds of a distant memory – being dropped by his skin companion, and the fuss that followed the soft hairless ones surrounding him with hushed cries, picking him up and dusting him off, holding him close and pressing him back into the fat pink digits of the little one as she kissed him on the eye and promised never to drop him again. The sound of tearing fabric pulled him at once back into the stark reality that faced him, as he looked down in horror at the cotton spilling from his shoulder… his arm slowly tumbling to the floor and landing with a soft and almost noiseless thud against the bleak floor. As he was still registering the beginnings of his own separation, the vast blade swung again – leaving him staggering in his new confusing balance, a furry torso on legs, wobbling unsteadily in the darkness. Then his vision fell forward, he was looking at himself… was that his armless body in front of him? How was it possible? His simple mind was reeling as his head went tumbling toward the floor, spinning as it dropped. The glint of the HELLBLADE caught his eye as his attacker stepped into the light, a hideous body of stacked limbs and rough stitches, cotton spilling out of the seams of its fur… the antithesis of innocence loomed heavily across the dying creature, the glint of his glass eyes faded as the TEDDY KILLER looked coldly upon its meaningless end.

One of Russia’s biggest drum and bass exports, TEDDY KILLERZ, return to the unstoppable EATBRAIN label in a massive way, following up their VIOLENCE EP of 2013 with their viciously modern HELLBLADE EP. Featuring 5 tracks of pure insanity, the Teddy Killerz crew surpass their original outing on the label in brutal style. A combination of dynamic breaks, powerful bass design and a clinical audio perspective with a pure annihilatory spirit delivers an impactful addition to a label that seems to have no bounds in its progression through new waves of future sonics.

//release date 2nd April Beatport excl. 16th April worldwide