Viper Presents: The Sound of Drum & Bass 2018 // Megamix (Mixed by Tapolsky & VovKING) Rampa

Viper Recordings kicked off 2018 with a high energy performance at Rampage that was nothing short of amazing, including having the crowd shout out “Fuck You Trump”!Following it up with yet another wicked megamix of smoking hot tracks is Vipers Sound Of Drum+Bass 2018, available now. This release is filled with so many sick, club-style, feel good Drum+Bass tracks that you will be overwhelmed with a serious need to celebrate the energy that will pour out of your speakers. Drum+Bass is evolving into so many sub-genres, and Viper’s signature sound is present throughout this release. Without a doubt, I can definitely say that this is my favorite Viper compilation release to date. A must-have for Drum+Bass fans who love Vipers roster of triple-A Drum+Bass artists. Well done and wickedly produced. Just click on the album cover above to buy or stream now! Jason Bakes aka BC#9.

Viper Recordings "The Sound of Drum & Bass" series returns with the 2018 edition of the compilation featuring 30 tracks, including 11 brand new unreleased exclusives and a DJ Mix from Octo Pi.Featuring huge tracks from the likes of Matrix & Futurebound, Cyantific, Brookes Brothers, ShockOne, Koven, InsideInfo, Murdock, Dossa & Locuzzed, Jaguar Skills, J Majik, Insomniax, Trei, BMotion, Toronto Is Broken, Teddy Killerz, Cianna Blaze, Mob Tactics, Turno & North Base, and more.New exclusive unreleased tracks include new and established artists such as: Dossa & Locuzzed, Ekko & Sidetrack, Trei, Insomniax, Des McMahon, Aktive, Octo Pi, Synergy, Maniatics, Ayah Marar, Tapolsky, VovKING, Vacuum, AKOV, Rowney, and Propz.

The Sound Of Drum+Bass Mega Mix 2018 (mixed by Tapolsky & VovKing)

Viper Presents: The Sound of Drum & Bass 2018. Out 27th April 2018 on Viper Recordings. Buy or Stream: Tracklist & More Info:

  1. Matrix & Futurebound – Mystery Machine

  2. Cyantific feat. ShockOne – Body Movin’

  3. Murdock feat. Shystie & Sena – Can’t Keep Me Down

  4. Cianna Blaze – Booty Like Nicki (Ekko & Sidetrack Remix)

  5. Brookes Brothers – So Many Times (Blaine Stranger Remix)

  6. Teddy Killerz & Synergy – Smooth

  7. Koven & Memtrix – Pessimist (Insomniax Remix)

  8. Mob Tactics feat. Rhyme Tyme – Tweakers

  9. Jaguar Skills feat. Saskilla – Off My Rocker

  10. Insomniax – Gravitron

  11. Blaine Stranger – Arms of Mine

  12. Toronto Is Broken feat. MZKA – An Image From Above

  13. J Majik – Set Me Free

  14. BMotion – Film Track

  15. InsideInfo – 2 Minds

  16. Juno feat. Innate MC – Truth In The Skies

  17. Trei feat. The Upbeats – Tonto (Dub Elements Remix)

  18. Koven – With You

  19. Brookes Brothers feat. Pierre Da Silva – We Got Love

  20. Dossa & Locuzzed – Shag (VIP Mix) *

  21. Synergy – Red Line *

  22. Maniatics feat. Ayah Marar – Take The Night *

  23. Ekko & Sidetrack vs. Trei – Luddites *

  24. Des McMahon & Aktive – Particle *

  25. AKOV – Constellations *

  26. Vaccum – Rockin’ *

  27. Insomniax feat. Lydia Kaye – Fly Hiya *

  28. OctoPi–LendaHand*

  29. Tapolsky & VovKING – High *

  30. Rowney & Propz feat. Lorna King – Sunrise *​

The Sound of Drum & Bass 2018 (Continuous DJ Mix by Octo Pi) *​

* Exclusive, Unreleased Track

Rampage 2018- Viper Live